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Trivium offers packaging for foods and beverages, including specialized packaging for supplements and baby foods.

Customer Story:  How Trivium manages risks

Trivium is a global packaging solutions company that specializes in aluminum and tinplate products. With a focus on key sectors like food, pet food, nutrition, and aerosols. They leverage Valona for Strategic Intelligence and growth.

Trivium is a global packaging solutions company

that specializes in aluminum and tinplate products. With a focus on key sectors like food, pet food, nutrition, and aerosols. They leverage Valona for strategic intelligence and growth.

Trivium Packaging Company Facts: More than 60 locations around the globe. Nearly 7,500 employees. Approximately €3.3 billion in revenue. Industry: Manufacturing/Packaging. Focus on sustainability.

Challenges and the Need for Strategic Intelligence:  

Trivium, faced numerous challenges in their industry, including supply chain disruptions, volatile market conditions, and intense competition. To navigate these challenges successfully, Trivium needed to stay two steps ahead of the competition with curated intelligence for informed decision-making.

They realized it was a must for them to be able to understand market trends, monitor customer activities, and identify potential risks and opportunities.  

The Solution:  

Valona’s Strategic Intelligence. 

To address these challenges, Trivium turned to Valona. Valona empowers Trivium with real-time market insights and customer intelligence.  

With Valona, Bjoern Oppenkowski, Trivium’s Global VP of Key Accounts,  receives daily email alerts summarizing key customer activities and global market events. Bjoern explains, “I regularly get alerts about what has happened globally, which I will then ultimately use with my team to cascade down and have conversations about what’s going on.” This enables Bjoern to quickly access relevant market information, share it with his team, and initiate strategic discussions.  

Valona provides Trivium with big-picture insights that they can use for their key accounts and competition, helping them identify emerging trends and opportunities. By dissecting and analyzing this intelligence, Trivium gains a deeper understanding of market dynamics, customer needs, and the impact of industry events on their business.    

Moreover, Trivium utilizes Valona to stay ahead of supply chain challenges. The platform’s alerts help Bjoern keep a finger on the pulse of volume fluctuations and market changes, enabling him to proactively negotiate with retailers and provide valuable support to customers during turbulent times.  

Results :  

By leveraging Valona’s strategic intelligence platform, Trivium has gained a competitive edge in their industry. They can proactively monitor market trends, engage in strategic conversations with customers, and make informed decisions to drive growth and success.  

Valona has empowered Trivium’s key account managers and leadership team with the necessary insights to stay ahead of the competition. By leveraging the power of strategic intelligence, Trivium strengthens their customer relationships, identifies new business opportunities, and navigates market challenges with confidence.

Next steps:  

In today’s dynamic business landscape, Trivium’s partnership with Valona exemplifies the importance of harnessing strategic intelligence to drive sustainable growth and achieve long-term success in the packaging industry.

About Trivium: 

Trivium manufacturing and packaging company that manages a diverse portfolio of strategic key accounts that are integral to their revenue stream. Staying informed about market intelligence and engaging with customers effectively are crucial for Trivium’s success.