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Customer Story: How Valona Intelligence helps Balluff get closer to global customers

Interviewed for this case was Mr. Mario Reinsch, Strategic Marketing at Balluff GmbH, a world leader and one of the most efficient manufacturers of sensor technology. Mario explains how Intelligence Plaza helps in a timely and efficiently way to handle large amounts of information as Balluff’s products and services are used in many different industries and applications globally.

A family-run global leader

With its 3.000 employees Balluff represents innovation and progress, technical expertise, quality and customer orientation. As a leading global supplier for the industrial automation, the family-run business offers a comprehensive portfolio of sensors, systems and customer specific solutions. In order to guarantee a worldwide service, sales and support network, Balluff is represented with 61 subsidiaries and representatives worldwide and as well with a production and logistics network of 9 production sites in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Brasil, China and the USA.

Valona is efficient and easy to use

Q: Mario, can you tell us what is the positioning of the Balluff Valona in your organization? Who is it targeted for and what is the main purpose for the tool?

Our challenge was to handle a large amount of information as Balluff’s products and services are used in many different industries and applications globally. So the target was to find a way to time-efficiently collect, store and report relevant information about, for example, activities of our customers. According to this, the Balluff Valona is positioned as our company-internal central point of access for all relevant market information.

So to sum up, the platform helps us to act in line with the market and be closer to our global customers as we know their needs better.

Q: When you were considering different options, which were your main reasons for choosing Valona?

First of all, I would like to highlight the modularity of the Valona which allowed a fast start and thus no programming was needed. In other words, it is a great out-of-the-box solution. Most of the adaptations at the platform can be made on your own without any programming knowledge.

Furthermore, after making good experience with the Valona SaaS solution, it was also important for us to have an integrated solution for our existing intranet. In this regard, Valona fits very well into our IT infrastructure.

Q: Any specific features you would like to highlight?

The customized newsletter function as well as the alert system are two functions which, in combination, are great tools for reporting the latest news, press releases etc.

Q: Finally, what are the benefits and success stories of Balluff Valona for the organization?

In short, it is simply the efficiency the platform provides: it is not necessary anymore to send, for example, a press release via email from one colleague to another – with the Valona, sharing knowledge among our staff in the whole world is very easy.

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