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Enervent Zehnder Oy has been manufacturing high-quality ventilation equipment in Finland for more than 30 years.

Customer Story: Market Potential and Customer Analysis in Scandinavia for Enervent Zehnder

Valona conducted a market study for Enervent Zehnder to support its growth strategy and decision making. The aim was to gain an in-depth understanding of the customers’ (B2B) expectations and future product and innovation needs.

Enervent Zehnder Oy has been manufacturing high-quality ventilation equipment in Finland for more than 30 years. The company’s turnover in 2021 was approximately EUR 12 million, and in addition to Finland, its main markets include Sweden and Norway, as well as northern Central Europe. Since 2018, the company has been part of the Swiss Zehnder Group, one of Europe’s leading ventilation technology companies.

Comprehensive Understanding on Market and Customer Expectations

Valona’s approach to the market research project was based on a combination of comprehensive secondary research and in-depth interviews, to provide Enervent Zehnder with a validated external view on the studied topics. Additionally, secondary research utilized a versatile source-set from statistics to industry reports and company news. Interviews (45 in total) were targeted to select current and potential customers.

Valona provided Enervent Zehnder with a comprehensive, tailored research addressing the following intelligence topics:

  • Market trends and future drivers, incl. regulation related matters
  • Estimate of market size and demand development, incl. demand driven by new construction/renovation and per product end uses
  • Customer purchasing criteria and expectations, incl. insights on why customers choose Enervent Zehnder or a competitor’s product

During the project, Valona kept Enervent Zehnder continuously updated on the progress of the research. Collaborative, highly iterative checkpoints between Enervernt Zehnder and Valona project team ensured agile approach throughout the project.

Market Research Supports Growth and Enables Better Decision-making

Results of the study support Enervent Zehnder’s growth strategy related decision-making and in understanding the future potential in the studied markets and customer segments.

“With this market research project, we both challenged and validated our internal assumptions and where we should focus next,” says Thomas Söderholm, CEO.

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