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Customer case study

How Valona enabled foresee disruptions in the healthcare and pharma industry

Our customer had a need to predict any potential threats and obtain insights on how to avoid any negative impact from the new competitive landscape in the healthcare and pharma industry.

Case study hero - healthcare and pharma industry
Trend watching and forecasting

The challenge: 

The healthcare industry and especially the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing disruption. Our customer, one of the leading global pharma companies, faces competition not only from “traditional” pharma players but also technology companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and the like.

Therefore, our customer would like to predict any potential threats and obtain insights on how to avoid any negative impact from the new competitive landscape.

Geography: Global with a focus on France

The solution:

Research was conducted through a combination of secondary & primary research.

Secondary research in both English and French was employed to understand the availability of different technologies, applications of these technologies throughout the entire patient journey as well as current efforts of different stakeholders especially pharma manufacturers.

Interviews with healthcare providers, wholesalers/ pharmacies/ hospital pharmacy institutions, tech companies, news organizations, pharma companies and relevant associations were conducted to find out perceived roles of different actors including pharma companies.

The impact:

Valona delivered a comprehensive analysis report, followed by a presentation. The report included well-structured insights on required topics namely key trends in the healthcare industry, key technologies and application areas, and use of health and patient data including detailed information and supporting data for each topic in the appendix.

Importantly, recommendations were given to the customer regarding which technologies and applications they should consider and how they could best collaborate with tech companies.

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