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Technology insights for manufacturing

Global, actionable insights for manufacturers

Uncover, gather, and share previously out-of-reach expert insights with the Valona platform. Stay ahead with comprehensive data on M&A, supply chains, and more.

Manufacturing enterprises

make smarter decisions with Valona

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Boost revenue growth with more strategic insights

Keep a finger on the pulse of relevant supply chain shifts, regulations, and competitors to drive revenue growth through informed decisions.

  • Stay ahead of the competition

    Use competitor analysis tools to keep a keen eye on competitor strategies, tracking everything from M&A activities to pricing strategies and innovation developments. Seize opportunities for vertical integration or swiftly identify potential threats.

  • Master global and local markets

    Stay one step ahead. Don’t let supply chain shifts, regulatory changes, or M&A opportunities catch you off guard. Get tailored, manufacturing-specific insights delivered straight to you in English. Cover both local and global perspectives, so you’ll be prepared for anything thrown your way. Be proactive, not reactive, with exclusive insights from Valona.

  • Drive revenue growth with unique sales leads

    With Valona’s platform, you’ll always be aware of otherwise unknown events like plant openings, acquisitions, tech breakthroughs, and new partnerships. These events will help you identify, prospect, and share sales-approved leads and opportunities. Uncover valuable sales leads to drive your business forward.

Industry trend analyses for 2024 and beyond

Do you know where your next big opportunity is? Our analysts have prepared these trend analyses for you to get a big-picture idea of what’s to come.

Global mining company machinery

Heavy Industry

Find lucrative M&A opportunities and untapped revenue streams brought about by digitalization and electrification.  Get an edge over the competition by staying ahead of the trends in this analysis.

Heavy Industry Trend Analysis
Black automobiles

Automotive Industry

Learn how the CASE era—connected, autonomous, services, and electric—will transform automotive OEMs in this trend analysis. By 2030, 90% of cars will be connected. Are you prepared? 

Automotive Industry Trend Analysis
Case study hero - healthcare and pharma industry

Chemicals Industry

Major changes like Chemicals 2.0 and heavy investment in green chemistry will fundamentally change the way you do business. Learn more about the economic incentives and market opportunities offered to companies that can swiftly adapt.

Chemical Industry Trend Analysis

Learn more from world-class manufacturers

  • How a 100+-year-old company fights rapid change with market intelligence

    Learn how DeLaval uses insights to keep up with customer needs, new emerging technologies, disruptive players, and supply chain trends on a global level.

  • De Beers manages large amounts of insights for strategic decision-making.

    De Beers was able to harness the power of Valona Intelligence to manage vast market data, speed up decision-making, and enhance productivity.

  • How Goodyear leverages CI and MI for decision-making

    Learn how Goodyear operates in the manufacturing business to effectively monitor markets, competitors, and industry trends for informed decision-making at every turn.

Why pick Valona?

We make insights-driven decisions easy, efficient, and scalable.

  • World’s leading AI for industry relevant insights and market trend visualizations​

    Understand your industry, competitors, and key topics faster with Valona’s AI.

    Trained on 20+ million analyst-written summaries, you can instantly find, monitor, analyze, and share the most relevant insights in easy-to-digest formats.

  • Competitive insights in 100+ languages, summarized in English​

    Uncover local trends and otherwise hidden changes in your industry, translated from 100+ languages and delivered to your inbox in English.

    Our market-leading, curated industry-specific, 200k+ global source base ensures you always have the most critical and strategic insights at your fingertips.

  • 20+ years of industry expertise turned into exceptional AI training models​

    Built for industry leaders, Valona ensures the right intelligence reaches the right people.

    Make informed decisions backed by reliable intelligence, thanks to two decades of technology refinement and source curation.

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    The widest global coverage of 200.000+ business relevant sources​ ​

    In-house industry experts and analysts paired with AI to help you cover any gap.

    More than a solution or a service, you get a partner. Best practices and tailored analysis projects accelerate your success in achieving insight-driven strategies.

Impressive results from manufacturers like you

Hidden sales leads delivered to your inbox

“With Valona we can access dozens of qualified new sales leads every week. These are from sources that are otherwise inaccessible to us and from a large selection of industries. ​ For us, Valona has become a significant source of qualified sales leads.”

Mika Numminen Head of Account Management – Finland ABB Oy

Faster decision-making

“Valona allows us to distribute relevant, timely and actionable information to targeted groups of associates providing visibility to information for better and faster decision-making.”

Dean Testa Manager – Competitive Intelligence Goodyear

Deliver timely information to the right people

[Valona is] the most customizable solution for individual business needs, … it really fits for what you need as a business and reflects the different areas that you need to get a better market understanding of

Sian Edwards Group Insights Manager Finlays

Strengthening market understanding

“One of the key returns on our investment is the ability of people who need to make critical decisions for the business to access data, information, intelligence reports as and when they need them without any further effort being involved, speeding up the whole process.”

Diana Mitkov Senior Manager of Demand Insights and Analytics De Beers

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