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Gain a competitive advantage with Valona’s unparalleled database of relevant sources backed by AI capabilities. You’ll quickly become the most prepared organization in the insurance industry.

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Build long-term profitability with global insights from the insurance industry

Reliability starts behind the scenes. Valona AI tools bring proven, measurable advantages to customers due to an exceptionally wide training model.

Our powerful AI-backed tools help you analyze and benchmark trends in the global insurance market with clear charts of how topics of interest evolve over time and across regions.

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What if… you could get strategic superpowers?

Our AI scours over 200k of the most relevant sources in 100+ languages, giving you a bird’s eye view of global events in your industry.

Why Valona Intelligence?

Valona (in the report still referred to as M-Brain) was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Market And Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2023 report. Here’s what was highlighted in the evaluation:

  • Exceptional AI

    “…the company has a database of 20 million human-created summaries from business-related articles. These are used to train the AI engine to generate summaries for all news and content flowing into the system.”

  • Extensive data sources

    “The firm collects information from more than 200,000 media sources, including 280 paywalled sources. Sources span more than 70 languages and English summaries are generated automatically.”

  • Praised customer service

    “Reference customers have high praise for Valona’s (ex. M-Brain) services, willingness to customize deployment, and rapid response in addressing requests.”

  • Easy to use

    “Valona (ex. M-Brain) is superior to others in this evaluation. The vendor offers both an analyst and end-users platform access for search along with simple customizations of the home page user interface and deliverables. “

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In the insurance industry, it’s imperative to constantly monitor and analyze the market trends, competitor pricing, customer behaviors and regulatory changes, and strategically apply these insights in your risk assessment, product development, pricing strategies and customer service enhancements.

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