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Become the disruptor, not the disrupted

Valona gives you an unparalleled database of relevant sources backed by AI capabilities – so you can become the most prepared organization in finance.

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500+ enterprises globally

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Global financial insights, neatly presented by AI

Can you trust your AI co-pilot? Reliability starts behind the scenes. Valona AI tools bring proven, measurable advantages to customers due to an exceptionally wide training model.

  • Vital information, easily grasped

    Powerful AI-backed tools help you analyze and benchmark trends with clear charts of how topics of interest evolve over time and across regions.

  • Trend foresight tools to help you stay ahead

    Our analyst-calibrated AI scours over 200k of the most relevant sources in 100+ languages, giving you a bird’s eye view of global events.

An intelligence platform that simply works

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A broad and reliable source base

Reports from +200,000 business sources

Whether it’s market data from The Wall Street Journal or reports on the newest technological disruptions from TechCrunch, you’ll always find the data you’re looking for.

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How Valona helps Allianz Trade keep up:

Tiia Sirviö CEO Allianz Trade Finland

“Our risks are in the future. We are monitoring more than 83 million companies’ financial data and payment term data on a daily basis.”

“If we don’t have the latest data, we are not able to make risk assessments in the right way.”

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An all-in-one platform for competitive intelligence with business-tailored AI

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Easy reporting and dashboards with insights you'll actually use

No more information silos. Help teammates at every level of your organization become more efficient and informed. Curate custom dashboards to distribute financial data, regulatory changes, customer information, and more to enable highly informed decision-making.

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Research in over 100 languages you can't even speak

Trained for over 20 years on 200k business and finance sources, our AI is the only AI in the field that uses natural language processing to accurately summarize everything. This allows you to analyze mountains of global financial insights quickly – and spin them into golden nuggets in reports for your team.

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Battlecards to stay ahead of the competition

More than most industries, finance gets hit by disruption from Big Tech, economic conditions, and niche competition. Stay on top of your competitors’ past, present, and future decision-making with carefully curated battlecards.

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Constant alerts, so you'll never be caught flat-footed

Position your company ahead of the rest. Receive daily, weekly, or monthly summaries of business abstracts based on everything that’s happening. Powered by AI, perfected by analysts. Stay on top of changes in regulations, microeconomic conditions, data, and payment rules. 

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The most intelligent competitive and market intelligence software

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