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Competitive and market intelligence can get lonely at times. Start connecting with the longest-living community in intelligence through Valona’s events & webinars.

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Valona Intelligence Community

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Get sage advice from the pros, and collaborate with your peers in open discussions organized monthly.

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“I joined Valona’s community to understand best-in-class methods for how other organizations do market intelligence.”

2023 Roundtables What our Valona Community Members are saying

“These discussions open up a view of internal challenges at other businesses in other industries, and it helps me qualitatively benchmark my own company’s internal friction.”

2023 Roundtables What our Valona Community Members are saying

On-demand webinars

Dive into our on-demand webinar library and access a wealth of valuable insights and expertise at your fingertips.


How to Measure the ROI of Intelligence

Learn how to track, boost, and add value to your ROI. Intelligence professionals are required to prove their relevance and value to the business, here’s how to do it.

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How to Improve and Rethink Market Intelligence

Drive your business forward with the right intelligence tools and tactics. Watch this webinar featuring an insightful discussion with Luc Rooms, Head of Market and Competition at Proximus.

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Fighting Rapid Change with Market Intelligence

This webinar delves into how DeLaval navigates in the business environment, where there’s a need to understand customer needs, new emerging technologies, disruptive players, and supply chain trends on a global level.

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