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Research & consulting

Market research services

Sharpen your decisions, streamline strategies, and boost your lead pipeline. Our team of research consultants has over 20 years of experience in market research and consulting projects and will help you find competitor and market insights no matter the segment.

Customer insights report - market research services - Valona Intelligence

Here’s what we can do for you:

01 Competitive advantage research

Past projects and reports in competitive advantage research include:


  • Competitor analysis: Accumulator cells​
  • Deep-dive: Chinese competitors in [x] industry
  • Competitor intelligence on [x]’s main competitor
  • Competitive research: Cleanrooms​
  • Competitive pricing & value chain analysis​
  • Competitor landscape analysis: Poland
  • Competitor landscape analysis: Packaging ​
  • Competitor deep-dive: Luxury beauty care
  • Competitive landscape: Metals in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Italy​
  • Pricing developments: Robotics, 5 country analysis
  • Pricing strategy: Various categories in select EU countries
  • Competitive and market analysis: Retread tires​
  • Competitor and product analysis: Tinting machines



02 Market attractiveness studies

Past projects and reports in market attractiveness research include:


  • Competitor analysis: Accumulator cells
  • Attractiveness assessment: European air-condition market
  • Market assessment: Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride
  • Market landscape analysis: Home and small appliances in select ASEAN countries
  • Market analysis: Hydropower
  • Market analysis: Low pressure compressor in select countries
  • Market potential: Lube oil market in select countries
  • Market assessment: Submarine cables
  • Potential CVIS & GIS opportunities in focus countries in SEA
  • Market potential study: Excavator in Europe
  • Market sizing: Textile adhesives in Sri Lanka
  • Market sizing: European building industry glass
  • Market sizing: Valve market
  • Market potential study: Massage chair market



03 Strategic foresighting

Past projects and reports in strategic foresighting include:


  • Robotics analysis: Landscape and opportunities in Asia​
  • Beauty care market research: US & China​
  • Covid structural change market research​
  • Electric power management systems analysis
  • Emerging technologies in mining​
  • Manufacturing data & growth in focus industries in focus countries
  • Cyber-security-related post-quantum cryptography
  • Understanding the key trends in the industrial robotics space in 7 countries



04 Business development

Past projects and reports in business development include:


  • Supply chain analysis: Battery pack
  • Competitor supply chain analysis: Lawn and garden equipment
  • Global study: Supply chain supplier identification in paper & packaging industry​
  • Market study: Chemical flows in Europe​
  • Company identification & comparison: Carbon capture technologies
  • Company identification & comparison: HVAC service providers
  • M&A target listing: Industrial chemicals​
  • Partner prospecting: Boiler diagnostics systems​
  • Partner scouting project: Luxury consumer goods manufacturing
  • Technology partner scouting & profiling: Luxury consumer goods manufacturing sector



05 Customer insights studies

Past projects and reports in customer insights studies include:


  • Robotics analysis: Landscape and opportunities in Asia​
  • Global construction industry analysis
  • Engineering leads: An identification project
  • Stage technology market research report
  • Global market study on the wipes industry
  • Go-to-market of packaging technology: A market study
  • Personal protective equipment: Market analysis in select countries



Competitive advantage report - market research services - Valona Intelligence
Competitive advantage research

Discover how you stack up against the competition

We’ll help you identify existing and emerging competitors by market segment. See how your products and services compare to competitors with a comprehensive market comparison. Get valuable insights and improve performance.

Market attractiveness studies report - laptop mockup - Valona Intelligence
Market attractiveness studies

Finally, answer: are we doing the right thing?

Separate the signals from the noise. Valona will analyze potential entry points in markets, trends, and vertical opportunities. We will spin scattered data into crystalized insights you can act on. You will get a clear market entry or expansion pathway added to your strategies.

Strategic foresighting report - market research services - Valona Intelligence
Strategic foresighting

Catch on to trends before they’re trends

No detail is too small; we’ll analyze the fine print to help you get a finger on the pulse of future markets. Can we expect static, declining, or evolving target markets? What will be the most significant trends and factors affecting the business?

Real experiences, real results

Explore our customers experiences with our solutions to see how our services have made a tangible impact on businesses like yours.

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Challenging and validating internal assumptions through market research

“With this market research project, we both challenged and validated our internal assumptions and where we should focus next.”

Thomas Söderholm CEO Enervent Zehnder
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Efficient information gathering for quicker time-to-market

“Great information gathering that will shorten our time to market. Well-organized project and meetings, with a “halftime” check-in to ensure Valona was on the right track.”

Håkan Eriksson Product Manager QleanAir
Kitchen appliances - Valona AI photo

Comprehensive business assessment with Valona’s support

“Valona helped us assess our business’ reputation, competition, setup, and sector focuses against all the relevant locations and opportunities.​ The Valona team was well organized and positively engaged with us throughout the process.”

Business development report - laptop mockup - Valona Intelligence
Business development

Find the partners and companies that match your company’s DNA

Identify and assess potential strategic partners and M&A targets. Determine partners that support local business growth the most, and learn about which M&A opportunities are out there.

Business development report - market research services - Valona Intelligence
Customer insights studies

Get to know your customers—deeply know your customers

Develop your product, positioning, pricing, services, and segmentation with an actual understanding of your ideal customer profile (ICP). What are the challenges or problems your ICP is facing? Is your value proposition still relevant? What new markets can you enter to find new customers?

Our multi-sector understanding, primary and secondary research, and strategic analyses will put you light years ahead of the market. There’s a reason 40% of our customers return project after project.

An established framework to bolster your decision-making

Valona provides a toolbox of methodologies that enable you to map future opportunities, prepare for uncertainties, and boost internal thinking, collaboration, and constructive debate.

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    Diverse research methods

    Our analysts conduct both qualitative and quantitative secondary research to capture insights from those who matter most. If your needs are more complex, we can also work with you to kick off primary research studies.

  • Desk research, the Valona way

    Forrester has recognized Valona’s AI as ‘exceptional’. Analysts and AI have access to exclusive databases to quickly and efficiently research and solve your toughest business problems.

  • Market sizing

    We’ll help you get a better understanding of potential target markets before you make any investments. Reliable market-sizing and opportunity assessments will help you go-to-market in even the most niche situations.

  • Identifying potential partners

    Looking for M&A opportunities? We’ll long- & short-list the best potential partners and M&A targets objectively in several phases.


  • Market research, done agile and efficient

    Valona’s analysts provide lean, cost-effective market research. We are flexible: order projects in pieces, or all at once. With transparent pricing and flexible scheduling, projects will adapt to your organization’s budget and timeline, you can start small and gradually scale up.

  • No market is too niche

    Valona’s analysts are capable of working with any market, regardless of niche, to provide you with relevant, actionable research. As industry boundaries are blurring, it is more important than ever to have an intelligence partner with a nuanced understanding to provide you with strategic analysis.


Discover, analyze and transform

  • Extend your market intelligence team

    Valona offers contract-based analysts with years of experience to supplement your strategy work as an extension of your team.

  • Relevant monthly market insights

    In addition to secondary research our team of analysts uses a number of research methods to gather the insights you’re looking for: surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and social media analysis.

  • Exchange of best practice and new ideas

    The Valona Intelligence Community is a community where senior strategy and intelligence professionals of non-competing companies can come together.

  • Calculate your intelligence maturity

    Find out your organization’s current maturity level and develop a path to success in the next quarter.

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Empower your business

Leverage our expert research and consulting services.

Why Valona?

  • 25+ years of guiding big business decisions

    Valona’s analysts have thousands of successful projects under their belts.  With ‘boots on the ground’ across four continents and hundreds of enterprises, you will gain the edge you need meet diverse market needs. Our multi-sector understanding, primary and secondary research, and strategic analyses will put you light years ahead of the market. There’s a reason 40% of our customers return project after project.

  • Unique insights for the most unique cases

    Our team will dig deep into understanding your needs and challenges. Your team will form a strong partnership with our’s, starting with a detailed kick-off meeting. This open dialogue allows us to understand your business context, improve on existing intelligence, and deliver unique, industry-relevant insights. Team Valona will uncover previously hidden information and provide you with comprehensive, future-focused market overviews.

  • World-class analysts, world-class AI

    The Valona approach is unique: we combine our proprietary AI, the best in market intelligence, with the world’s most extensive industry-specific global source-set. Our global network of analysts enables you to provide direct, useful insights to your most important stakeholders. Together, we can refine your strategic direction with unparalleled, AI-backed market intelligence.

Superior market and competitive intelligence

Understand how market and competitive intelligence solutions drive business impact and how recent AI advancements increase their value and adoption.

AI-driven content and deliverables

“Valona’s vision is to offer customers incomparable global news coverage with innovative AI capabilities.”

Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report

Customer support and service

“Valona customers have high praise for the services, willingness to customize deployment, and rapid response in addressing customer requests.”

Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report

Data sources

“Valona collects information from more than 200,000 media sources, including 280 paywalled sources. Sources span more than 70 languages and English summaries are generated automatically.”

Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report

Global delivery capabilities

“Valona’s breadth of news sources and global delivery capabilities across 12 offices in Europe, North America, and Asia makes the vendor uniquely capable of serving global enterprises with far-reaching operations.”

Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report

Ease of use

“Valona is the only vendor in the wave to offer natural language query, a capability which supersedes the needs for users to create detailed search terms”

Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report