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Market research services

Sharpen your decisions, streamline strategies, and boost your lead pipeline. Our team of research consultants has over 20 years of experience and will help you find competitor and market insights no matter the segment.

Here’s what we can do for you

Competitive Landscape

Discover market potential – hasslefree

We’ll help you identify existing and emerging competitors by market segment. Get a bird’s eye analysis of different products and services in the market and benchmark your performance against the competition’s. 

Market awareness

Finally answer: what does this mean for me?

Separate the signals from the noise. We’ll monitor and analyze changes taking place and spin scattered data into crystalized insights you can act on.

Strategic foresight

Catch on to trends… before they’re trends

No detail is too small – we’ll analyze the fine print to help you get a finger on the pulse of future markets. Can we expect static, declining, or evolving markets? What will be the most significant trends and factors affecting the business? 

Developing business ecosystem

Find the partners and companies that match your company DNA

Identify and assess potential strategic partners and M&A targets. Locate partners that support local business growth the most, and find out which M&A opportunities are out there.

Customer intelligence

Get to know your customers – really know your customers

Develop your product, positioning, pricing, services, and segmentation with an actual understanding of your ICP. What are their pain points? Is your value proposition still relevant? Where can you find new customers?

Discover, analyze and transform

  • Extend your market intelligence team

    Valona offers contract-based analysts with years of experience to supplement your strategy work as an extension of your team.

  • Relevant monthly market insights

    In addition to secondary research our pro team of analysts uses a number of research methods to gather the insights you’re looking for: surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and social media analysis.

  • Exchange of best practice and new ideas

    The Valona Intelligence Community is a community where senior strategy and intelligence professionals of non-competing companies can come together.

An established framework to bolster your decision-making

Valona provides a toolbox of methodologies that enable you to map future opportunities, prepare for uncertainties, and boost internal thinking, collaboration, and constructive debate.

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    Research with qualitative and quantitative methods to capture insights from key stakeholders.

  • Extensive desk research supported by AI technology and access to proprietary databases.

  • Reliable market sizing based and opportunity assessments for even niche sectors.

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    Long & shortlisting best potential partners and M&A targets objectively in several phases

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    Trend and scenario work based on proven research methodologies and systematic collaboration

Why Valona?

  • 01: Relevant insights, with hybrid intelligence

    Our AI has been systematically trained on 20 years of human-created content from multiple sources — it’s truly unique in the field. That paired with the expertise of our seasoned consultants gives you the strategic support you need for your business to thrive.

  • 02: Unique intelligence – tailored to your needs

    All of our services are tailored to suit your organization’s individual needs. We’ll help you recognize and identify your intelligence needs and challenges, and always share competitive intelligence best practices with your team.

  • 03: An ROI you can measure

    According to our research, companies that invest in market intelligence make up to a 77% profit growth and 25% ROI. As a leader in our industry, we help you get ahead on your competitive and market intelligence journey.

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“M-Brain’s breadth of news sources and global delivery capabilities across 12 offices in Europe, North America, and Asia makes the vendor uniquely capable of serving global enterprises with far-reaching operations.”

“M-Brain’s breadth of news sources and global delivery capabilities across 12 offices in Europe, North America, and Asia makes the vendor uniquely capable of serving global enterprises with far-reaching operations.”

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… and 500+ other enterprises globally

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“The whole process was extremely positive.​ It has been very beneficial to independently assess our business (reputation, competition, setup, and sector focuses) against all the relevant locations and opportunities.​ The Valona* team was well organized and positively engaged with us throughout the process.”

PHILIPS * Valona was previously M-Brain
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