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Create a culture of intelligence with automatic alerts and newsletters

Drive insightful decisions across your organization by revolutionizing intelligence routines. Nothing less will suffice.

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Keep your team a step ahead of the rest

Everyone needs a little help at some point. Valona’s AI-powered taxonomy and categorization ensure the right people get the most relevant insights, efficiently. Valona Newsletters and alerts cater to the specific monitoring needs of every team and group in your organization, whether they’re familiar with Valona or not.

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Save time with drag n' drop newsletters

Control information overload and avoid fluff no one really reads. Valona AI – taught with over 20 million analyst-written summaries – puts together news from over 200 000+ sources to find the insights of the most value to your business.

Use drag-and-drop functionality to further refine the content into compelling, company branded email newsletters for stakeholders. Create as many newsletter variations as there are varying needs in your organization – seamless as possible.

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Intelligent, automated alerts

Set email Alerts to be sent to defined audiences. Whether you prefer a weekly overview, daily updates, or real-time notifications, you have full control of instructing the automation to do your job.  Alerts make monitoring easier than ever and take market intelligence to the next level throughout the whole organization.

Collaborate around the juiciest topics from the field

Your team can gather around the campfire to discuss the most interesting topics in platform. Collaboration tools spark conversations for better decisions. Make your next steps based on relevant data, not guesses. Anyone can join to plug in documents and Field Intelligence to be pushed out.

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Insights that spark a culture of intelligence


Find AI-powered, curated Business Summaries in front of you, tailored to meet your industry and target market needs, just waiting to be dragged and dropped into your template.

Combine intelligent taxonomy and categorization features with Alarm automation, and your organization will react faster to weak signals of big change.

No need to switch between platforms: Operate Newsletters, Alerts, Dashboards, Research App, and other features from wherever you are through Integrations.



Dean Testa Manager – Competitive Intelligence​ ​Goodyear ​

“Valona allows us to distribute relevant, timely and actionable information to targeted groups of associates providing visibility to information and enabling better and faster decision-making.”

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