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Dashboards that are actually relevant

Custom dashboards – the magic wand for making sense of complex industry information. Give key stakeholders and C-suite will get their daily, tailored insights at a quick glance. Without Valona’s Dashboards, it would take hours and hours more to make profitable decisions.

For every team… or just really important individuals

Tailor dashboards for stakeholders by region, product area, or focus area. Draw market and competitive intelligence from vast data sources, but don’t settle for just that.

Flexible layouts give you the freedom to tailor Dashboards with precision. Include text, visuals, videos, and feeds to present information in engaging and easily digestible formats. Clear key insights will help your teams succeed.

Content curated for your stakeholders, automatically

Push information that’s relevant to your industry, keep track of discussions around key topics, and dive deeper in into everything in just a click. Your stakeholders won’t miss a beat.

  • Manage dashboards to take content where it needs to be: by company function, region, product team… anywhere!

  • Create your own tags and categories for improved monitoring, Valona’s AI will do the rest and dole out the right content to the right people!

  • Add custom information, such as textual information, links, and visuals

  • Feed Valona’s content, i.e. the latest insights, such as internal comments, news, and field market intelligence – according to categories and keywords

  • Embed content, such as websites, social media posts, or accounts

  • Decide what’s the most relevant – Valona’s AI will speed it up, crawling quality sources and presenting the content neatly

Visual, easy-to-use dashboards from:

2 K

connectors for embedding rich information from various sources

20 +M

analyst-written summaries that have been used to teach the exceptional AI tool for summarizing and sorting the content

“Reference customers have high praise for the services, willingness to customize deployment, and rapid response in addressing customer requests.

The Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report,

Internal and external data, neatly combined

Valona’s AI model does the manual work for you. It creates Business Summaries, and automatically categorizes data – whether it’s a news article from your next target country or a field intelligence report from a coworker.

Dashboards are the starting point of your key stakeholders’ workdays. Each item will be ready to be delivered for discussion and collaboration.

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