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Global sources, relevant to you

Valona covers over 200,000 market data sources including company filings, event transcripts, expert interviews, news articles, trade journals, and much, much more.

Are your content sources relevant?

Relevancy is everything. Valona’s has market intelligence content sources more relevant than any other player. Since the 1990s, we’ve built a reputation for providing vast quantities of the highest quality insights for impressive insights and foresight.

Spin local clues into global insights

Covering global and regional media sources in over 100 languages, Valona discovers the most relevant market information from its massive, global pool. The exceptional, proprietary AI model – taught by over 20+ million analyst written summaries – translates and delivers reliable information to your doorstep. Business Summaries give you a quick overview of local market data sources even before they break into English-language media.

Avoid information overload

Saving your nerves means more time to focus. Use natural search queries and see the automated content categorization and tagging do the heavy lifting for you.

Integrate your own data sources into the platform, build customizable Dashboards that will stay up to date, and effortlessly forward relevant pieces of market data for your teams through automated Alerts and Newsletters.

The Forrester Wave™

Ranked both our publicly-available and proprietary, paywalled sources as ‘superior’ compared to other Market and Competitive Intelligence platforms, calling Valona “the vendor uniquely capable of serving global enterprises with far-reaching operations.”

“M-Brain is the only vendor in the wave to offer natural language query, a capability which supersedes the need for users to create detailed search terms.”

The Forrester Wave™

We work in the hundreds of thousands

200 K

sources from news and other outlets, 3+ million social media sources

300 K

client-specific events harvested every day

300 B

relevancy evaluations of online data, daily

Industry-specific sources of market intelligence

From automotive to chemicals, finance, and beyond, you need market data to make strategic decisions. Over 200 000+ data sources across industries include multi-region, multi-lingual magazines, journals, research organization pages, and business publications, including paywalled media. The coverage is superior for even the most demanding needs.

Easily integrate your own content, along with third-party data sources, to gain a complete perspective. Merge internal data with external content sources to take full control of your data. Turn information into actionable intelligence and drive success like never before.

Big data, big advantages

Valona’s Platform gives you access to big data, including 200,000+ news and other media sources. You can rest assured that it’s relevant and easy to consume through Business Summaries. Then, our technology’s intelligent tools categorize and deliver all of the relevant information.

Andi Binsol Credit Manager Allianz Trade

“We’re getting data and following the news in languages that we don’t even speak.”

“We’re getting data and following the news in languages that we don’t even speak.”

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