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Proprietary Global Source Coverage

Global sources, relevant to you

Get access to company filings, tenders, expert interviews, news articles, trade journals, and much, much more. Uncover market trends, developments, and growth opportunities with 200,000+ global sources.

Global source coverage platform product - Valona Intelligence

Are your content sources relevant?

Multilingual global sources

Discover your most relevant market information from Valona’s proprietary source base.

Access global and regional media sources in over 100 site languages in English. Deep-dive into local or regional market developments or gain a big-picture view of global industry shifts. Enable strategic decisions based on the most relevant information available globally.

With an exceptional proprietary AI model trained on over 20 million analyst-written summaries, you can deliver reliable, relevant, and precise insights to your key stakeholders. Business summaries give you a quick overview of local market data sources even before they break into English-language media.

Industry-specific sources of market intelligence

From automotive to chemicals, insurance, and beyond, you need market data to make strategic decisions. Over 200 000+ data sources across industries include multi-region, multi-lingual magazines, journals, tender databases, research organization pages, and business publications, including paywalled media. The coverage is superior for even the most demanding needs.

“Valona offers the widest global and industry-relevant source base for Competitive and Market Intelligence”

The Forrester Wave™
The Forrester Wave™ 2023

Avoid information overload

Save your nerves for more focus time. Use natural search queries, and Valona’s automated content categorization will do the tagging and heavy lifting for you.

  • Customizable dashboards

    Build customizable dashboards that automatically stay up-to-date with the information that you choose.

  • Integrations that work with you

    Integrate your own data sources into the platform, and share that information with key stakeholders where they already are.

  • Get alerts and informative newsletters

    Effortlessly forward relevant pieces of market data to your teams through automated alerts & newsletters.

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Business Summaries

Big data, big advantages

Access over 200,000 unique data sources globally for insights that lead to growth planning, risk mitigation, and increased efficiency. Relevant sources mean you can make precise decisions in the future, offering clear insights into your industry trends today, tomorrow, and beyond. Plus, business summaries mean you get this information in an easy-to-understand format wherever you are.

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Andi Binsol Credit Manager Allianz Trade

“We’re getting data and following the news in languages that we don’t even speak.”

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We work in the hundreds of thousands

200 K

sources from news and other outlets, 3+ million social media sources

300 K

client-specific events harvested every day

300 B

relevancy evaluations of online data, daily

Gain access to a global network of data sources

Tap into vast sources of market intelligence.