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Relevant insights, wherever you are

Trade information silos for a culture of intelligence. Valona provides paths for all internal data to flow smoothly from our tools to yours, and vice-versa. Empower everyone with the insights they need to succeed.

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Product market data sentiment analysis - Valona Intelligence

It goes both ways

Two-way integrations ensure that the Valona Intelligence Platform gives you a reliable, wide-angle view of relevant insights, both external and internal, while Business Summaries and other information show up in other workspaces the rest of your organization is using.

Embed tools like Power BI, Evernote, and other visualization tools to automatically update within the platform (also notable: you can push competitor Battlecards and content feeds into Teams for active discussions!).

Combine business intelligence with your internal data

2 K

2000+ connectors for embedding rich information from various sources

20 +M

The exceptional AI model, taught by 20+ million analyst-written summaries, sorts and categorizes information for you

We’ve integrated into some of the world’s largest companies:

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  • Allianz Trade logo
  • Scania logo

“The vendor supports one-way push integration with a CRM solution or collaboration and visualization platform and offers two-way integration with at least two customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, allows push and send/write back with one or more collaboration solutions, integrates with one or more visualization tools, and pulls information from conversational intelligence or win/loss solutions.”

THE FORRESTER WAVE™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023

Tackle fragmented information in one fell swoop

Valona’s two-way integrations cover a range of applications so wide, it almost doesn’t seem possible:

  • E-mail

    Send content from various sources via email

  • Links and single sign-on system

    Seamlessly weave between applications using SSO.

  • Embedding

    Supplement market information with Power BI charts, Excel, or other internal documents

  • News feeds

    Deliver automatically categorized and published news to your targeted stakeholder audiences

  • API for custom and in-depth integrations

    for an additional fee

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