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virtual roundtable

How to Use Internal Branding for an Insights-Driven Organization

Dive into a discussion centered on ways to make a company insights-driven for revenue growth. You will learn best practices from organizations who have succeeded in their intelligence branding journey and where decisions are based on data and insights.   

Event details

This event starts at 8:00 in your time zone (New_York)

24 October 2024


Transform your organization into an insights-driven powerhouse

Outpace your competition by becoming an insights-driven organization. In the most advanced companies, data is commercialized and insights are used to discover new sources of revenue and create market differentiation. 

This roundtable will include the branding journey of an intelligence team in a large-scale industrial company, and the operational insights from an organization where every decision is based on information.

This session will provide you with practical strategies that can be applied to your own organization.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the value of being an insights-driven organization and the methods to increase intelligence visibility within your company.
  • Learn how to brand an insights-driven mindset to colleagues and across the whole organization.
  • Discover how to use intelligence in all areas of operation, from decision-making to research and development.

Event agenda

8:00 EDTI Welcome & Introduction by host Alex Cavanaugh, Research Consultant, Valona Intelligence

8:05 I Presentation:

“Branding Journey of Intelligence Team in a Company of 19,000+ Professionals“, Marjariitta Mandell, Senior Analyst, Valmet

8:30 I Presentation:

“Learnings from an Organization Where the Entire Operations Are Based on Information”, Siiri Kärkkäinen, Communications Manager, Kela​

8:55 I Q&A

9:00 I Break ​

Community Members who wish to continue to interactive roundtable discussion will be directed to virtual breakout rooms.

9:05 I Facilitated roundtable begins

9:50 I Wrapup & session ends

Meet the speakers

Speaker Alex Cavanagh

Alex Cavanagh

Research consultant, Valona Intelligence

Marjariitta Mandell

Senior analyst, Valmet

Siiri Kärkkäinen

Communications Manager, Kela