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How to Stay Competitive with Strategic Foresight

This virtual roundtable discussion will focus on strategic foresight, where seasoned professionals from diverse industries share insights and experiences on how their companies stay ahead of the competition and prepare for the future.

Event details

This event starts at 8:00 in your time zone (New_York)

19 September 2024


Gain the competitive edge by mastering strategic foresight

The event offers attendees the chance to hear from a lineup of distinguished speakers, including a Strategy & Marketing Manager, a CEO, and a Business Intelligence Manager.

Each speaker will share their unique perspective and experience on strategic foresight, offering insights and tips that attendees can apply to their own organizations.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the three key building blocks of competitive foresight and how to apply them to your own organization.
  • Understand how to combine internal and external insights for better foresight.
  • Hear a compelling success story about how an intelligence team used foresight to outperform their competition.

Event agenda

8:00 EDT I Welcome

”Getting to the Future First: How to Stay Competitive with Strategic Foresight”

8:00 I Presentation:

“Combining Internal and External Intelligence to Become More Foresightful“, Frank Piolet, Strategy & Marketing Manager, Socomec Group

8:30 I Presentation:

“3 Key Building Blocks of Competitive Foresight“, Panu Kause, CEO, FIBRES Online

9:00 I Presentation:

“Beefhide Collagen Peptide Market: Foresight Success Story”, Cindy Dekeyser, Business Intelligence Manager, PB Leiner

9:25 I Q&A

9:30 I Break ​

Community Members who wish to continue to interactive roundtable discussion will be directed to virtual breakout rooms.

9:35 I Facilitated roundtable begins

10:00 I Wrap-up

9:55 I Session ends

Meet the speakers

Speaker Frank Piolet

Frank Piolet

Strategy & Marketing Manager, Socomec Group

Speaker Panu Kause

Panu Kause

CEO, Fibres Online

Speaker Cindy Dekeyser

Cindy Dekeyser

Business intelligence manager, PB Leiner