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Valona Intelligence Community events

Join regular events with an international network of competitive & market intelligence (CMI) peers across every industry. Sign up for free to get access to virtual events, or become a premium member for unlimited access to face-to-face events.

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The Valona Intelligence Community events are designed with you in mind: learn how to use insights to solve real business problems with real peers.

  • Monthly events, tailored to you

    Choose what you’d like: virtual or face-to-face, times, and topics that best fit what you want—scheduled regularly and frequently.

  • Concrete best practices and toolkits

    Get the tools you need to develop your insights for a higher ROI and greater efficiency. Position your company one-to-one with other similar companies.

  • Networking opportunities for career growth

    This field can get lonely; learn from your peers, build a trusted network, and apply ideas from world class professionals.

  • Real business cases for real business growth

    Dive into more than just theory;  discuss scenarios and real-life cases with peers in your field, supported by Valona’s 20+ years in the business.

Upcoming roundtables

Join us for a fresh avenue for strategy and intelligence innovation across industries, cultures, and geographies.

Community event schedule 2024

Catalyze your Business Growth with DEI-Informed Insights

Thursday, 29 August

Virtual Roundtable

*Open to all

Master the Markets: Combine Internal and External Insights for Foresight 

Thursday, 12 September

Virtual Roundtable

*Open to all

Maximize the Value of Insights with Stakeholder Management 

Thursday, 26 September

F2F Roundtable in London

*This event is for premium community members only. Interested in joining? Drop us a line, and we’ll send an invite according to availability!

The Value of Internal Branding for an Insights-driven Organization 

Thursday, 24 October

Virtual Roundtable

*Open to all

Hackathon: Anomalies Wanted! How can you see the Unexpected?

Thursday, 5 December

F2F Roundtable

*Open face-to-face event

2023 Roundtables What our Valona Community Members are saying

“I joined Valona’s Community to understand best-in-class methods for how other organizations do market intelligence. “

“Networking with my peers at these events gives me immense energy. This is the ‘sizzle’ on Valona’s Community steak!”

“These discussions open up a view of internal challenges at other businesses in other industries,and it helps me qualitatively benchmark my own company’s internal friction.”

AI person 7 Valona Intelligence

The Valona Intelligence Community philosophy and pricing

Members are offered a space to contribute actively to make the sessions successful and insightful. 

With company-specific details, the utmost level of confidentiality is ensured. Company-specific information is confidential and considered the property of the participating companies. Valona and other participants will always seek specific approval before publishing any company-specific information.​

Online sessions and face-to-face workshops

Roundtables are organized in 2024 with the following formats:​

  • 10+ online sessions, approximately 1.5 hours​
  • 4 sessions face-to-face (full day workshops).

Members have the unique privilege to register for the roundtable of their choice. We provide advanced information about each meeting and occasionally, industry experts are invited from the private, public, or academic sectors to enrich our sessions.

Pricing and membership fees

Valona Intelligence Community pricing and membership fees are designed to offer maximum value. Register today and hop on board to embrace the journey of growth through knowledge sharing and active engagement.

*For existing Valona platform subscribers
**Only Premium and Premium+ members have a guaranteed seat in virtual roundtables (we will limit the number of participants to keep the roundtables intimate)

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“Now we know what to do, as we have identified and defined the needs ourselves under your guidance. The schedules, workshops and tools were well facilitated! Thanks for coaching us!”

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