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M-Brain is now Valona Intelligence

Meet Valona Intelligence, formerly known as M-Brain. Still a state of the art solution armed with 20+ years of experience and the best AI in the market. We’ll help you find the most relevant information for your needs – and take it forward in the organization.

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Introducing Valona Intelligence

The Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report

In The Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report, Valona (previously M-Brain) received the highest possible score in 13 out of 24 criteria.

In The Forrester Wave™: Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report, Valona (previously M-Brain) received the highest possible score in 13 out of 24 criteria.

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Forrester leader in market and competitive intelligence platforms 2023
Platform product - customizable drag-and-drop newsletter - Valona Intelligence

Nothing beats staying ahead

✓ Find, organize, store, and share the most relevant insights across every function

✓ Use custom dashboards to give key stakeholders and C-suite their daily, tailored insights at a quick glance

✓ Personalize automated alerts for smaller groups of recipients or send out newsletters for larger audiences

Platform product - customizable dashboard market data - Valona Intelligence

Nothing beats covering all the bases

✓ Find relevant information, keep track of discussions around key topics, and dive deeper into everything in just a click

✓ Gain a bird’s eye view of global developments and trends

✓ Leave blindspots in the past – and get used to being the one who knows

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Nothing beats a finger on the pulse

✓ Research in over 100 languages you can’t even speak

✓ Save time and effort by asking Valona’s AI Search conversational queries to research complex topics

✓ Dive deeper with original article links – securing your teams from fake news

M-Brain is now

Valona Intelligence

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Nothing beats the competitive edge

✓ Enable sales to win deals by understanding the competitive landscape

✓ Seize every chance for business growth by spotting opportunities and early signals

✓ Benchmark competitors against each other and against your company, with carefully curated battlecards

✓ Equip customer success, marketing, and other teams with the relevant insights to stay ahead

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Nothing beats product innovation

✓ Pinpoint the strengths of your offering and make long-term product decisions

✓ Gather information for new products and services

✓ Monitor news about patents and suppliers

Trusted by 500+ enterprises around the world

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Why Valona Intelligence?

Valona (in the report still referred to as M-Brain) was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Market And Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2023 report. Here’s what was highlighted in the evaluation:

  • Exceptional AI

    “…the company has a database of 20 million human-created summaries from business-related articles. These are used to train the AI engine to generate summaries for all news and content flowing into the system.”

  • Extensive data sources

    “The firm collects information from more than 200,000 media sources, including 280 paywalled sources. Sources span more than 70 languages and English summaries are generated automatically.”

  • Praised customer service

    “Reference customers have high praise for Valona’s (ex. M-Brain) services, willingness to customize deployment, and rapid response in addressing requests.”

  • Easy to use

    “Valona (ex. M-Brain) is superior to others in this evaluation. The vendor offers both an analyst and end-users platform access for search along with simple customizations of the home page user interface and deliverables. “

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