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How De Beers saves resources with Valona

De Beers wanted to manage large amounts of competitive and market insights for more strategic decision-making.

Diamond jewels

A customer success story


Pain point: De Beers wanted to manage large amounts of competitive and market insights for more strategic decision-making.

Value delivered: Valona equipped De Beers with a platform for custom internal dashboards and simplified insights sharing.

Economic impact: De Beers is now able to save time and resources on generating market updates, for faster decision-making and higher overall productivity.

The challenge: 

As a global leader in diamond mining and retailing, De Beers grappled with a growing volume of market intelligence and competitive data.

Over time, the complexity and diversity of data made it difficult to efficiently use.

Diana Mitkov, the Senior Manager of Demand Insights and Analytics, recognized the need for a solution that could collate, manage, and deliver this data in an actionable format to support strategic decision-making across the company.

The solution:

De Beers chose Valona for its versatile and user-friendly platform that makes large datasets easy to manage.

They were not only able to manage and organize the extensive data, but also facilitate the creation of internal dashboards from the company’s data repository. In addition to the enhanced data handling capabilities, De Beers was offered unparalleled technical support and continuously introduced new features, for an overall greater value of the platform.

The impact:

De Beers was able to spend much less time generating market and competitor updates, leading to faster decision-making processes across their organization. They set up dashboards and custom searches that simplified the process of getting the right insights to the right stakeholders.

As Diana Mitkov highlights, the platform has proven to be a worthwhile investment, enabling De Beers’ decision-makers to access critical information precisely when they need it, accelerating the entire decision-making process.

“Now, people who need to make critical decisions for the business can access data, information, intelligence reports as and when they need. Valona is definitely a worthwhile investment.”

Diana Mitkov Senior Manager of Demand Insights and Analytics at De Beers

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