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M-Brain launches generative AI-based trend foresight tools for Market Intelligence 

The company redefines competitive and market intelligence by bringing trend visualizations to AI search. “We are way beyond summarization.” 

M-Brain, the leading global provider of competitive and market intelligence services, launches trend detection tools based on AI-search in their all-in-one solution. It provides businesses with tools for strategic planning and data-driven decision-making.

With the new tools in M-Brain’s AI-based search, users are now able to access insights from highly relevant proprietary news, trade articles, and industry databases regardless of the topic or industry – available as unique business summaries in English. This way companies will have even more opportunities to fight information overflow – and rather stay on top of their most relevant industry-specific events, as they can quickly and globally obtain the most relevant information to them.  

The advances also allow for smart visualizations of researched data. Users can analyze and benchmark trends and see in clear charts how topics of interest evolve over time and across regions.

“We are way beyond summarization. We brought the AI-generative summarization as the first player to the market at the end of 2021, and now we have equipped it with powerful trend foresight visualization tools and AI-search.” says M-Brain CEO Kimmo Havu. “Instead of generic extracts, our engine builds comprehensive business summaries in English – from 107 world languages. This enables not only easier in-depth ad-hoc research, but also strategic monitoring as well as distribution of real-time insights and analysis, in languages that the users don’t even speak.”

“We have been training our AI for the past 20 years with relevant business-specific data and skilled analyst work,” states Havu. “We have had the best AI summarization tool on the market, and with the recent additional investments we are taking it to the next level through trend foresight and visualizations. The trustworthiness, reliability, and user experience in AI-based market and competitive intelligence are beyond anything that the market has seen. It sets a new standard for businesses to expect in the future.”

M-Brain’s market intelligence platform allows searching using conversational queries. The search uses a generative AI model that has learned from more than 20 million relevant analyst-written business summaries, from +200k business sources as training material.

“So now,” Havu says, “you can ask something like ‘How is the insurance industry expected to develop in my country compared to India?’, and our AI will do the legwork. You can quickly digest vast amounts of information and get accurate, presentable business data from sources in different languages summarized and analyzed in English. It sounds cliché, but the possibilities from gathering intel from business sources in any language are endless. Nobody else can do that yet.” 

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About M-Brain 

Founded in 1999, M-Brain is the leading global provider of competitive and market intelligence solutions and services. Over 500 organizations are supported by M-Brain’s team of more than 200 experts in the intelligence field. M-Brain helps clients stay up to date and organized on market trends, industry insights, and reporting. The company filters, analyzes, and packages information in an easy-to-understand format – all at scale. M-Brain combines a best-in-class AI with expert human analysts to deliver actionable, reliable insights to more than 250,000 business users worldwide. Companies like Goodyear, Bosch, Philips and Cintas have trusted M-Brain as their market intelligence solution, service and content provider.