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M-Brain to attend SCIP IntelliCon 2023

M-Brain, the leading global provider of competitive and market intelligence services, is proud to be the platinum sponsor of SCIP IntelliCon, the world’s premier conference for Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals.

M-Brain has two exciting showcases: hosting a speaker from Henkel Corporation AND announcing the launch of its latest technology, Generative-AI backed foresight tools.

Kelly Cannizzaro, Global market Intelligence Officer of Henkel Corporation, will be hosting a breakout session in which Competitive Intelligence pros can discuss ‘Future-proofing your intelligence function (and your career!) with AI-driven insight.’ It is an open conversation and will leave attendees with a practical toolkit of rapidly deployable and market-proven strategies and tactics to successfully implement AI into their CI function.

Second, and related, is M-Brain’s announcement of AI-assisted trend and foresight tools. The newest tools provide businesses with insights into future trends and opportunities. The updated foresight tools are designed to help businesses stay ahead of the competition by predicting market changes and anticipating customer needs.

“We’ve been training our AI for the past 20 years with relevant business-specific data and skilled analyst work. It is more than exciting to have this new, groundbreaking tech to display” said Kimmo Havu, CEO of M-Brain.

M-Brain’s team of experts will be available to demonstrate the updated foresight tools and answer questions from attendees.

The conference is a terrific opportunity for businesses to learn about the latest trends and technologies in the competitive intelligence industry.

SCIP IntelliCon will take place from April 17-20 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Find us at Stands 22-23 or Contact Us for more information!

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