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AI research assistant

Let the AI research assistant simplify your big business decisions

Looking to make decisions for a competitive edge? The AI research assistant takes your most relevant insights and transforms them into actionable executive summaries.

Val quickly summarizes results in the form of an executive summary.
AI Research Assistant product - current EV industry market trends - Valona Intelligence
Sourced from every language

Global insights from a local perspective

Being the first to spot new trends is key. Now, you can overcome the drawbacks of traditional market intelligence. Language and regional barriers are no longer a problem with Val’s multilingual, industry-specific business insights.

Understand specific regions or the global market in detail. Identify important trends, adjust to local rules, and spot competitive threats before they make headlines.

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Relevant sources and summaries

Filter out the noise and spend time on what matters

Move from data overload to focused decisions. Each business faces distinct data challenges, and the AI research assistant is here to identify and simplify the most relevant insights for you.

Minimize time spent on unnecessary data and focus more on valuable insights. It’s not just about handling data; it’s about discovering the specific data that propels your unique growth journey.

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Original sources referenced

Elevate your decision-making with trustworthy AI summaries

Ensure every decision you make rests on verifiable information with traceable insights. In a time when accuracy matters most, prioritizing trustworthy and selectively curated insights becomes essential.

Our AI research assistant not only aggregates data but also links synthesized summaries directly to their primary sources.

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Discover actionable business insights in a new way

Valona’s research app now has an AI research assistant that effortlessly converts search results into executive summaries in a single click.


  • A global view on a granular level​

    Access industry-specific insights in any world language—summarized for you in English.

  • Act quicker on crucial and complex information

    Take your most relevant insight search results and build them into executive summaries in one click.

  • Rely on every comprehensive insight

    Easy to verify means secure knowledge when you need it. The AI research assistant traces insights back to each original source and provides them to you.

  • Spend time on what matters

    Filter out the noise. Gain the certainty you need for every strategic decision.

Want to get to know more about Val?

The AI Research Assistant is part of the Research App, where you can find, analyze, and distribute analyst-quality individual AI source summaries.

Gain actionable insights and equip your enterprise with the world’s most powerful AI tools.

AI Research Assistant product - emerging technologies in greentech share summary - Valona Intelligence
Rapid knowledge sharing

A new paradigm in stakeholder communication

Use the assistant as your strategic partner to turn complex information into clear, actionable summaries for quick sharing of critical findings.

Find, understand, and share key insights with important stakeholders with ease. It enables your team to become more agile and positions you as strategic leaders in your organization.

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Master trend foresight and proactivity

Stay a step ahead and outcompete your competition

In a fast-paced market, proactivity isn’t just an advantage. It’s a necessity. The AI research assistant keeps you at pace with dynamic market shifts and amplifies proactive decision-making based on solid foresight. Streamline the identification of trends, threats, and opportunities, and take action before your competitors do. Turn challenges into opportunities for strategic success with a faster and more iterative research process.


Start making decisions with confidence