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Position yourself for success with unbeatable intelligence

Uncover and refine your strategies with actionable insights from your new AI Research Assistant, Val. Growth isn’t just about expansion — it’s about strategic positioning in ever-changing markets for success.

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Ready to accelerate your market strategy?

Val is your new strategic partner for growth. It’s everything you need to transform your product development or market entry approach. Harness local knowledge to identify market needs, align strategies, and turn trends into business advantages.

  • Executive summaries

    Transform your most relevant insights into actionable executive summaries with a click.

  • Early trend identification

    Make sense of complex markets and emerging trends early- in any region.

  • Turning pitfalls into opportunities

    Gain foresight and turn potential pitfalls into strategic opportunities for success.

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Evaluate new market opportunities with confidence

Determine the viability of entering new markets with precision and confidence. Val empowers your team to deliver increased business value by thoroughly advising potential market investments- with the help of concise executive summaries.

Gain a nuanced understanding of market dynamics, critical for identifying location-specific growth opportunities. With detailed global and regional market insights from local sources.


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Elevate your decision-making with trustworthy AI summaries

Val traces every insight back to a source, so every decision you make can be backed up.

Accuracy is crucial. Trust Val to selectively curate and verify insights. Our AI Research Assistant provides more than data aggregation—it delivers linked summaries from original sources.

Benefit from unrivalled technology trained on over 20 million analyst-written business summaries and sources relevant to your needs.

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Develop and position products for success

Leverage cutting-edge AI to launch, refine, and successfully position products that truly resonate with your market. Elevate your enterprise’s strategy and enhance the business value of your team and impact on your organization’s growth

Be early to flag potential issues, anticipate and respond to emerging trends, identify competition gaps, own your niche, and detect demand.

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