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Transform risks into opportunities with Val

Valona’s Competitive and Market Intelligence Platform doesn’t just help you avoid pitfalls — it helps you overcome them. Drive sustainable growth and success through actionable insights, now delivered through Val, your new AI Research Assistant.

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over 500 organizations, worldwide

Ready to accelerate your market strategy?

Val arms you with insights to manage risks and navigate markets.

Ensure supply chain security by identifying shortages early and planning ahead for regulatory compliance. With Val, stay ahead of the curve.

  • Executive summaries

    Transform your most relevant insights into actionable executive summaries at a click.

  • Early trend identification

    Make sense of complex markets and emerging trends early on in any region.

  • Turning pitfalls into opportunities

    Gain foresight and turn potential pitfalls into strategic opportunities for success.

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Stay ahead of the regulations

The Valona Platform gives you  comprehensive, region-specific insights at your fingertips. Now, you can navigate regulatory landscapes with foresight, avoid fines, and maintain your competitive edge.

Streamline decision-making for dynamic regulatory settings.

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Take your decision-making to the next level

Val traces every insight back to a source, so every decision you make can be backed up.

Accuracy is crucial. Trust Val to selectively curate and verify insights. Our AI Research Assistant provides more than data aggregation — it delivers linked AI summaries from original sources.

Benefit from unrivalled technology trained on over 20 million analyst-written business summaries and sources most relevant to your needs.

AI Research Assistant risk product - supply chain risks in Japan summary - Valona Intelligence

Navigate supply chain challenges with precision

With detailed global and regional market insights from local sources, you’ll have everything you need to spot and manage location-specific supply chain risks.

Identify potential issues, anticipate trends, adjust lead times, and spot demand changes early.

Take the first step to confidently avoid risks

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