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Supercharge Risk Management with Market Intelligence

Join us to learn how to supercharge your risk management with market intelligence over for an interactive breakfast. We’ll delve into the roles and value competitive and market intelligence bring to strategic risk management in 2024 and beyond. 



8:30 – 11:30 GMT

Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BA

Supercharge your risk management with market intelligence

Join us in London for an engaging and interactive breakfast session to explore how market intelligence can revolutionize your risk management strategies.

Discover how market intelligence can revolutionize your approach and give you a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business landscape. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the true potential of market intelligence and position yourself ahead of industry trends.

Key discussion points that will shape our interactive discussion:

  • Explore the latest trends: Gain insights into the risk management agendas of leading companies for 2024 and beyond, uncovering how competitive and market intelligence can be applied to navigate these trends effectively.
  • Navigate potential threats: Discover successful strategies employed by top organizations to identify and mitigate potential threats. Learn how market intelligence can empower proactive decision-making and safeguard your business against risks.
  • Balancing risk and growth: Understand the vital role of competitive and market intelligence in achieving the delicate balance between risk aversion and growth prospects. Conquer the proactive vs. reactive dilemma with powerful intelligence-driven approaches.
  • Tools for foresight in risk management: Acquire practical knowledge on the most effective tools, methodologies, and strategies for developing foresight in risk management. Stay steps ahead with insightful market intelligence.

Meet our speakers

Andrea Sorrentino, COO of Modefinance

Andrea Sorrentino

Chief Operating Officer, modefinance

Sorrentino is an important voice on big data and AI in financial risk management and real-time business information.

Sophie Dupré-Echeverria

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, GIB Asset Management

A seasoned Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Sophie has extensive experience across various asset classes in the banking and asset management sectors.

Narhari S. Sandhu

Global Director Market Intelligence, KPMG

A seasoned Market Intelligence leader with a strong background in consulting and business research, Narhari is responsible for shaping strategic investments at a global level.

Nora Kärkkäinen

Head of Intelligence Best Practices, Valona Intelligence

Leveraging her proficiency in market research, Nora delivers valuable strategic insights, enriching the understanding of market dynamics for companies and their management teams.

Irene de Lorenzis

Managing Director valona Intelligence UK

With 17 years in consultancy and business development, Irene excels in providing customers with customized solutions to optimise their strategy and intelligence operations.


March 14. 2024
📍 Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

  • 8:30 I Registration & Networking
  • 9:00 I Welcome remarks
    Irene De Lorenzis, Valona UK​
  • 9:15 I Exploring the Role of Market Intelligence in Risk Management
    Keynote by Narhari S. Sandhu, KPMG, Global Director Market Intelligence
  • 10:00 I Companies’ Risk Management Agendas for 2024 and the role of market intelligence in them
    Moderated fireside chat with Sophie Dupré-Echeverria, GIB Asset Management, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, and Andrea Sorrentino, Chief Operating Officer, Modefinance.
  • 10:45 I Intelligence Speed-Dating, Engage in dynamic networking facilitated by the Valona Team. Share thoughts and perspectives with industry peers.​
  • 11:30 I Networking Continues.
    Opportunity for further networking and exchange of ideas. Seminar Ends.

Take part in this seminar and learn with peers and experts:

  • What’s on companies’ risk management agenda for 2024 and beyond?
  • How can you identify and monitor potential threats?
  • What tools and approaches are available to develop foresight in risk management?

Join this seminar to learn how to identify potential threats, develop foresight with modern tools and methodologies, and network with professionals for new strategies for your organization

Ready to avoid risks with Market Intelligence?

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