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C-Suite Panel: Bringing Insights to the Boardroom

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring a panel of board and C-suite members. You’ll be equipped with insightful strategies to take with you and impress at your next board meeting.

Event details

This event starts at 12:00 in your time zone (New_York)

52 min.


Dive into the role of market intelligence on today’s management boards

Engage in key discussions around intelligence, decision-making, the balance of quality and speed in the dissemination of information, and the utilization of market facts for strategic advantage.

You’ll go home with the tools to bring insights to the boardroom for change.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  1. Gain insights from the experts, including invaluable perspectives on today’s board dynamics, their intelligence needs, and their role in gearing up for the next crisis.
  2. Understand the role of intelligence in decision-making, how market intelligence and facts facilitate big-bet decisions, and the necessary balance of speed and quality for effective intelligence correspondence.
  3. Learn effective intelligence processes with techniques to streamline intelligence procedures and deliverables to suit the time-constrained framework and evolving roles of today’s board members.

Meet the panelists

Robin Lindahl

CEO, Aurora Infrastructure

Robin has 30 years of executive experience in telecom, mining, renewable energy, and the financial sector. He's spent more than 10 years at the CEO or Management Board level, and has had board positions since 2005 in both listed and private companies.

Betty DeVita

Board of Directors, NACD New York Chapter

Betty is a seasoned fintech advisor and leader with a passion for digital transformation and open banking to drive growth, innovation, and strategic partnerships. Betty has been recognized as a global C-suite leader, board director, and fintech influencer.

Kimmo Havu

CEO, Valona Intelligence

With over 25 years of experience in technology, Kimmo leads Valona's global operations. As CEO, he actively partners with senior leadership, supporting strategic decision-making through industry-leading AI technology and expertise.

Nadia Morozova

Global Chief Analytics & Insights Officer. EY

An award-winning analytics and insights chief officer at EY, Nadia is committed to supporting companies that put consumers at the heart of their decisions. Nadia has fifteen years of progressive, international experience across brand, consumer, shopper and market insights.