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Boost Your Bottom Line: How to Measure the ROI of Intelligence

Learn with peers in this roundtable, where we discuss how to prove relevance and value to the business. Learn how to track and boost your ROI.


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How can global companies measure the ROI of insights?

Businesses require intelligence functions and professionals to demonstrate their relevance and value. This webinar will give you practical tips to prove yours.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Track ROI: Explore the different approaches and methods used by companies to track the ROI of intelligence.
  • Boost your impact: Intelligence can have a more significant impact on your business through informed decision-making.
  • Add more value: Learn ways in which intelligence professionals can provide more value in decision-making contexts.

You will also get practical templates that you can apply within your own organization.

Use this chance to improve the return on investment for your intelligence operations. Show the value of your business.

Meet the speakers

Carsten Gayer

Managing Director, Valona Intelligence

Carsten started his career working at McKinsey & Company, Inc., before establishing his own consulting company in 1995. Through more than 2,000 projects, including dozens of large-scale international projects, Carsten has gained broad experience in various industries, e.g., automotive, engineering/heavy industry, or chemicals.

Nora Kärkkäinen


Nora’s mission is to develop business by asking, “What’s next?” Nora advises companies and management in strategy work by providing market understanding, strategic insights and foresight. She also supports companies in developing and re-designing intelligence activities.

Soile Mäkinen

Senior Consultant

Soile has more than 10 years of experience in professional services and manages client projects from market sizing to scenarios building and intelligence development. Soile has a strong desire to get things done and to develop clients' businesses. The best results are achieved together!