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Supercharging Risk Management with Market Intelligence

Listen in on insights into how companies focus on sustainability, the impact of regulations on financial services, and the need for a human-centric approach despite technological advances.



36 min.

Learn how to navigate the complex world of risk management

This conversation covers various aspects of risk management, including the financial perspective, human consequences of inadequate risk practices, the evolution of risk management including ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations, digital transformation accelerated by COVID-19, the relevance of supply chain issues, and the integration of technology.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • The evolution of risk management from business continuity to resilience in the era of hyper-change, which focuses on recovery ability in various scenarios. 
  • Agile risk management frameworks to cope with hyper-change, including more frequent horizon scanning and adapting to crisis scenarios. 
  • The top risk categories & themes and the role of market intelligence in addressing them. 

In this video

Andrea Sorrentino, COO of Modefinance

Andrea Sorrentino

Chief Operating Officer, modefinance

Sorrentino is an important voice on big data and AI in financial risk management and real-time business information.

Sophie Dupré-Echeverria

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, GIB Asset Management

A seasoned Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, Sophie has extensive experience across various asset classes in the banking and asset management sectors.

Nora Kärkkäinen

Head of Intelligence Best Practices, Valona Intelligence

Leveraging her proficiency in market research, Nora delivers valuable strategic insights, enriching the understanding of market dynamics for companies and their management teams.