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Webinar: How to continuously improve and rethink Market Intelligence

On-demand webinar

Improve and rethink market intelligence

Watch this webinar featuring an insightful discussion with Luc Rooms, Head of Market and Competition at Proximus.

Webinar details

This webinar covers key aspects of market intelligence including:

💡The importance of focus areas

💡How to organize market intelligence, processes, and how to use tools like AI for improvements

💡How to foster an intelligence culture through good deliverables and reporting

01 Hone your presentation and storytelling skills

Bolster your Intelligence Team’s presentation and storytelling capabilities. Luc shared how he led his team to a course with a communications expert, significantly enhancing their ability to effectively disseminate intelligence insights.

02 Identify the best reporting formats

Make sure to identify the most suitable reporting formats for each Intelligence user group. Fully comprehend the needs of your internal clients and customize your presentations accordingly.

03 Establish a baseline for standard intelligence deliverables

Establish a baseline for what you will regularly be sending out in a way that can be broadly customized and scaled up. This should allow your intelligence team to allocate more time to strategic, ad-hoc intelligence needs.

04 Schedule a regular team reflection

Discuss what’s working and what’s not in terms of processes, deliverables, and tools.

05 Learn from outside your sphere

Visit professionals in entirely different fields and consider what insights you could apply to your own work. Alternatively, join a forum (like the Valona Intelligence Community!) to exchange ideas with intelligence professionals across various industries.

Meet webinar speakers

Luc Rooms - Head of Market and Competition at Proximus

Luc Rooms

Lead of Market and Competition at Proximus

Nora Kärkkäinen

Head of Intelligence Best Practices, Valona