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Trend analysis

Heavy Industrial Manufacturing Trend Analysis

Discover key trends to track changes in industrial manufacturing throughout 2024 and beyond.

4 heavy industrial manufacturing trends you need to know in 2024

Two powerful megatrends—digitalization and sustainability—will reshape the future of the industrial manufacturing sector. This analysis delves into the four key trends driving change and innovation in heavy industrial manufacturing, and by the end of this analysis, you will have a jumping-off point to better understand the following trends:

  • Deglobalization and reshoring: companies are moving their manufacturing operations back to their home countries. This is evidenced by a declining global export-to-GDP ratio.
  • Electrification and low- or zero-emissions: companies are laser-focused on hitting sustainability goals, and their investment in research and equipment must match.
  • Servitization: continuous, equipment-as-a-service models offer as much as 2.5 times greater operating margins compared to pure point-of-sale models.
  • Autonomous machinery: technologies that allow machines to work with little human input, either by following preset instructions or using sensors and AI to make real-time decisions.

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“More than 40% of 2023 acquisitions in the heavy industry were for software and cloud computing capabilities. The benefits are twofold: it increases customer loyalty while providing insights into their needs and preferences.”

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