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5 medical device tech trends 2024

This report, produced using the Valona Platform, gives you a glimpse into the potential and capabilities of our platform and how it can benefit you.

Valona has guided hundreds of medical device companies through navigating technological advancements. This report presents an example of the kind of research you can carry out using the Valona Platform – the very tool employed by our researchers.

You will find trends in AI, 3D printing, cybersecurity, the IoT, and wearables. Each of the trends in these areas has nuggets of information that can change how medical device companies operate.

  • AI Market Growth Rate 44 %
  • 3D Printing 100 %
  • IoMT landscape 333 £

Technology is changing, fast

Staying ahead of the trends is crucial for healthcare professionals and businesses to stay relevant and avoid becoming a relic of the past.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated 5 medical device tech trends that will shape the industry in 2024 and beyond. Some are emerging breakthroughs, while others are established trends that continue to push boundaries.

Industries are evolving at breakneck speeds

The alternatives are stark: stay ahead or become outdated. Discover the key trends to track with our report. Just fill out the form to download it.