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5 Medical Device Tech Trends to Know in 2024

Discover key trends to track changes in medical devices.

Learn more about trends in 3D printing, cybersecurity, the IoT, and more

Technology is evolving every industry at incredible speeds. Staying ahead of the trends is crucial for healthcare professionals and businesses to stay relevant and avoid becoming a relic of the past. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated 5 medical device tech trends—and how you can respond to them:

  • Artificial intelligence: the Global AI medical devices market is set to hit USD 66.35 billion by 2027. Which piece will you claim?
  • Wearables: miniaturization is rapidly speeding up the adoption of wearables—but by how much?
  • 3D Printing: This technology is rapidly finding its place in medical devices, with market share for 3D-printed devices doubling by 2026.
  • Cyber security: over 53% of devices are critically vulnerable to security issues, how will regulations help?
  • The Internet of Medical Things: with the growth of telemedicine and virtual care, how will the IoMT evolve?