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Customer case study

How a chemical manufacturer became more efficient with insights

Discover how Valona’s competitive and market intelligence (CMI) solution is revolutionizing traditional data procurement methods, saving time and resources through advanced AI technology.

A Customer Success Story

Pain point: A global Chemical company based in Germany was spending €4M every year on regular subscriptions and ad hoc purchasing of all sorts of business-related external data.  

Value delivered: The company employs Valona’s platform to operate more efficiently. They leverage AI technology to source and structure intelligence, which helps them save valuable time and money across the organization. This includes de-duplication and prioritization of insights. 

Economic impact: A saving of €1M (25%) on external sources and paid subscriptions by reducing source duplication and redundancies. 


The challenge: 

A global chemical company based in Germany was facing a significant challenge. Spending €4 million per year on various subscriptions and ad hoc external data purchases, their procurement process was not only costly but also inefficient in terms of resource utilization.

This inefficiency resulted in minimal valuable insights despite significant resource allocation. Recognizing the need for a more structured, cost-effective, and streamlined approach, the customer sought a solution to enhance their data procurement process.

The solution:

The customer set up Valona’s AI-driven insights solution to automate weekly alerts for all regional sales teams about new sales leads from various markets.

They received information such as plant and facility expansions, investments, upgrades, and new partnerships, all translated seamlessly into English.

Information teams at the headquarters are now able to overcome issues of language barriers and a general lack of local market knowledge.

The impact:

The company utilized Valona’s competitive and market intelligence solution, resulting in substantial financial savings. They reduced their expenditure by an impressive €1M on external sources and subscriptions, optimizing their business processes.

They were able to free up resources to focus on other growth-driving activities and enhanced their ability to harness intelligence efficiently, providing them with a competitive edge in the market.

We were able to save €1M (25%) on external sources and paid subscriptions by reducing source duplication and redundancies.

A Global Chemical Company Valona Customer Success Stories

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