M-Brain is now Valona Intelligence!

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Get the right insights to the right people – at the right time

Valona’s Competitive and Market Intelligence platform makes it easy to find, organize, store, and share the most relevant insights across every function.

Trusted by over 500+ enterprises globally

Superior tools for the competitive edge

20 +M

AI capabilities trained with 20+ years' business-specific data from 20M analyst summaries

100 +

monitoring news sources in 100+ different languages, with English-language summaries delivered to you in seconds

2 K

possible integration connectors to place rich information into your Competitive and Market Intelligence software – and vice versa.

Intelligence you can rely on

Reliability starts behind the scenes. Can you trust your AI co-pilot? Valona’s AI-powered tools bring proven and measurable advantages to customers, thanks to our exceptionally wide training model.

  • Control information overload

    Avoid fluff no one really reads. Valona AI focuses on
    200 000+ high quality business sources – not the entire internet. Sharp summaries allow you to make quick relevancy judgements instead of wasting time in the oceans of content.

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    Cut off the manual work

    Valona AI not only does the research for you but also categorizes and organizes the data. Trained by our analysts and extensive database for over 20 years.

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    Dive deeper with original article links

    All summarized items come with a link to the original source. That possibility of a single click makes a major difference when you want to avoid fake news and do a deep dive into the subjects that matter the most.

  • Trust certified quality

    Valona works with ISO27001-certified suppliers and is fully GDPR-compliant.

  • results icon

    See what will happen tomorrow and beyond

    Gain a bird’s eye view of global developments and trends: Easy-to-analyze visualizations let you analyze and share your discoveries throughout the organization.

Business Summaries

Crunch hundreds of hours of reading into just minutes. Enjoy sharp summaries and local news translated into English from over 100 languages. Always find the original link you can easily click for credibility.

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Research App

This is something our customers love: research complex concepts with conversational English. AI makes your challenging job simple and fast. Get the answers neatly disseminated and visualized in user-friendly forms, based on relevant databases, only.

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Competitive Enablement

Customize competitor profile modules, or Battlecards, to keep your teams ahead of the curve. Get a 360 view of Competitive and Market Intelligence, so you can benchmark the top players against each other—and against you. For sales teams, this data is crucial to success, but all stakeholders need help to take their next steps.

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“We saved $10M by timing a critical investment correctly with M-Brain’s intelligence alert. More importantly, the intel has helped us to make the right decisions on a daily basis to be prepared for a larger change in the industry.”


Global Data Sources

Covering 200 000+ market data sources, including paywalled media, Valona provides you with high quality, relevant insights based on data your competitors will never be able to have. Global market intelligence, your own content and third-party data sources together give a clear view on future developments in your industry.

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Alerts & Newsletters

Everyone can set news alerts, but are they useful? Valona’s AI-powered taxonomy and categorization ensure that the most relevant Competitive Intelligence reaches the right people – quickly. This remarkably speeds up the reaction time needed today, but also gives a clear look at tomorrow.

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Customize Dashboards specifically to each key stakeholder so that they get the most relevant Competitive and Market Intelligence, empowering them to make informed decisions. Include text, visuals, videos, and feeds to present information in engaging, actionable formats.

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Valona users especially value the integration capabilities that let them work where they already work: SharePoint, OneNote, Teams, Slack, you name it. This creates a culture of intelligence. Two-way integrations ensure you get a reliable, wide-angle view of relevant insights, both external and internal, while Business Summaries and other information show up in the workspaces the rest of your organization is using.

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The Forrester Wave™ Market and Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 report

[Valona’s] proprietary AI training models are ‘exceptional’

[Valona’s] proprietary AI training models are ‘exceptional’

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