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Nemetschek case M-Brain market intelligence

Nemetschek has an unobstructed view on markets and their future

Nemetschek Group is a leading global player in the architecture, engineering and construction fields with over 2,000 employees, reigning over 16 different brands. Nemetschek provides software solutions for the entire lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure projects from the design and visualization of a building through the actual building process to building management.

Information overflow

An increasing amount of information and market intelligence can be found not just in single places in a company, but all over company structures as well as external channels such as the media. Due to the nature and size of Nemetschek’s business, news searches based on publicly available tools led to overwhelming masses of unstructured information.

As a result, finding, disseminating and processing relevant items and sources was time consuming and difficult. There was also the matter of getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Access to certain important sources as well as language barriers also proved to be a problem.

NEMIS as a solution

Enter NEMIS, or the Nemetschek Monitoring Service, a Plaza market intelligence platform powered by Valona, for the Nemetschek market intelligence team for accessing and sharing information. The Nemetschek Market Intelligence Service maintains a broad strategic perspective but also pays attention to detail to create the most optimal overview of what is happening in the market.

Valona has given high priority to keeping track of all market and competitor developments in all markets relevant to Nemetschek. Valona provides a wide range of intelligence sources and human support, with a specially tailored distribution strategy ensuring the right information gets to the appropriate people in a timely fashion through the Plaza as well as daily and weekly newsletters. Valona helps Nemetschek by monitoring news in local languages to avoid missing major regional competitive or customer data.

Clear views with Valona’s services

In partnership with Valona, the market intelligence team at Nemetschek has developed a concept for understanding the future of relevant technology and key player strategies. Through the systematic approach to developing an understanding of the business drivers, Nemetschek has also been able to increase their insight into future developments. The team observes the moves of their key competitors, understands the strategies behind, and analyzes the developments in their different market areas.

As a result, the management has a clear view of market sizes and shares, growth rates and profit pools, both now and in the future. The Nemetschek Market Intelligence Service ensures that decision-makers are always aware of the latest market developments and trends.

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