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Introducing the Valona Intelligence Community

The Intelligence Community brings together CI/MI professionals eager to learn best practices and tips through dialogues and roundtables.

Valona is proud to announce the launch of the Valona Intelligence Community.

Formerly known as Benchmarking Circles, the community is a 20+ year project that aims to provide an arena for professional development, networking, and knowledge exchange for Competitive Intelligence (CI) and Market Intelligence (MI) professionals across a range of industries.

“The Valona Intelligence Community is a unique opportunity for professionals to step away from their daily routines and engage in insightful discussions, foresightful discoveries, and best practices sharing,” says Nora Kärkkäinen, Intelligence Community facilitator. “We’ve spent decades creating a forum for intelligence professionals to build a collective knowledge base and foster innovation in their fields.”

The community is designed to be flexible and tailored to the needs of today’s busy professionals. Participants can choose from various formats, times, and topics that best suit their preferences. It allows professionals to discuss real-life cases and scenarios that go beyond their theoretical knowledge.

Moreover, Valona also offers benchmarking tools that provide key indicators for a company’s positioning relative to other similar companies. This unique feature makes it an essential platform for developing intelligence functions that yield higher returns on investment and enhanced efficiency.

Respecting the confidential nature of competitive intelligence, Valona ensures that company-specific information remains private. All participants and Valona seek specific approval before publishing any company-specific details shared within the community.

The Valona Intelligence Community will host several roundtables throughout 2024, with formats including eight virtual sessions lasting approximately two hours and four full-day face-to-face workshops. Participants are given the freedom to register for the roundtable of their choice, with meeting information published well in advance.

Join the Valona Intelligence Community today and be a part of the global discussion on Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence.