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Valona Global Intelligence Report 2023

Valona releases decades-long Market Intelligence research report  

Helsinki, October 26th 2023

The study indicates a shift in team structures and resource allocation since 2013, highlighting lower headcounts but significantly higher budgets dedicated to information and consulting.

Valona Intelligence has announced the release of the Global Intelligence Report, 2023 edition. The report is the result of the Global Intelligence Survey, answered by over 700 of Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence leaders, and is based on a proven framework that Valona has created with over 20 years of work solving thousands of companies’ market intelligence challenges.

“This year’s report offers a comprehensive and diverse overview of the leading practices in intelligence for every sector,” says Nora Kärkkäinen, Head of Intelligence Best Practices at Valona. “We are observing a dynamic shift in how some of the world’s largest companies are managing their intelligence and strategic operations, and our report effectively captures this transformation thanks to its long history in this field,” Kärkkäinen continues.  

The Global Intelligence Report highlights another finding: businesses are streamlining intelligence functions with leaner teams distributed across various departments. There’s a marked increase in investment in consulting, strategic analysis, and monitoring sources. However, the report reveals a major challenge that companies face: the search for suitable tools to efficiently disseminate valuable information from a centralized hub. Many still rely on shared drives.  

Luc Rooms is the Head of Market and Competition at Proximus, leading a “World Class” intelligence function as recognized by the Global Intelligence Report. Room’s team systematically explores strategies for more effectively serving the needs of internal stakeholders and improving the company’s intelligence approach, welcoming initiatives like the Valona Global Intelligence Survey Report. “We have a strong intelligence culture at Proximus, with a commitment to data-driven decision-making,” asserts Rooms. “Our management understands the value of intelligence and is keen to invest in its expansion.”

The Valona Global Intelligence Report, 2023, is a must-read for organizations seeking to enhance their market intelligence capabilities and gain a competitive edge. To access the report and learn more about Valona Intelligence, visit

About Valona 

Valona Intelligence is the only all-in-one solution for market and competitive intelligence. Formerly known as M-Brain *, the company has been the recognised market leader since 1999. Valona combines the power of generative AI and analyst expertise and provides businesses with the most crucial insights to enable impactful business decisions. 

Valona sends over 200k news alerts serving over 350,000 business users every day, with insights from hundreds of thousands of trusted industry-specific sources globally in over 100 languages. All translated into clean business summaries in English, and presented in clear formats easy to share.  

With a global team across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Valona provides leading Fortune 500 companies with foresight to shape the future resulting in real business growth. Companies like Goodyear, Bosch, Philips and Cintas have trusted Valona as their market intelligence solution, service and content provider. 

Valona was acknowledged by Forrester in 2023 as the premier global platform for market and competitive intelligence.

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