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Finlays case study

Organizing market intelligence with Valona

Discover how Valona helped Finlays streamline the process of sharing vital market intelligence to the right people at the right time.

A Customer Success Story

Pain point: Finlays struggled with collating and disseminating insights across their global business.

Value delivered: Valona provided a centralized platform for immediate access and targeted sharing of insights.

Economic impact: The efficient sharing of resources increased the value of reports and data, improving overall business performance and productivity.

The challenge: 

Finlays wanted to effectively disseminate critical market intelligence across their global organization. A time-consuming process of finding and sharing industry news and information was not efficient enough to react swiftly to market changes.

The solution:

Valona’s platform customization seemed to be the best solution for Finlays’ challenge. With the ability to house all pertinent information in a central location, the platform allowed for immediate access and targeted sharing of insights to relevant stakeholders.

Features like collections for newsletters, a dashboard for collating site-wide information, and social tagging features for instant information sharing and feedback were particularly beneficial.

The impact:

Valonas’ platform has helped Finlays streamline the process of sharing vital market intelligence throughout the company. Finlays worked with team Valona for a solution that fits perfectly with unique needs and focus areas, providing a robust understanding of the market.

The customer support from the Valona team has been exceptional, further enhancing the experience. The Valona platform is a testament to the effectiveness of customized solutions in addressing unique business needs.

“It’s the most customizable solution for individual business needs, and every business is so different and so unique, it really fits for what you need as a business and reflects the different areas that you need to get a better market understanding.”

Sian Edwards Group Insights Manager at Finlays

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