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Customer case study

Winning in the competitive landscape

A financial services sales team overcame market uncertainties with Valona’s platform. By utilizing the timely battlecard functionality, they successfully defended their position against strong new competitors and corrected a customer misconception.

Finance customer case study

A Customer Success Story

Pain point: Sales team of a financial services company lacked confidence to defend its position from strong new competitors in the market. 

Value: A sales rep secured a deal by timely using the battlecard functionality of the platform to counteract a misconception about the customer’s offering vs. its competitor  

Economic impact: $1M deal within month one of using the Valona platform. 

The challenge: 

In the fast-paced and intensely competitive financial services field, maintaining a leading position and growing steadily is a constant challenge. Specifically for a Fortune 250 company in financial services, the entrance of new, aggressive competitors into the market began to erode the sales team’s confidence. The wave of information about their competitors’ strategies and client misconceptions about their offerings added to the mounting pressure. 

The solution:

To navigate this complex landscape, the solution came in the form of Valona’s AI-driven insights platform. The platform gathers and analyzes extensive data, converting it into actionable insights. One of the key features that came into play was the Valona competitor battlecard functionality. The Valona AI platform compiled and analyzed the massive amounts of competitive data from related to the customer industry and key markets and transformed it into easy-to-understand ‘battlecards.’   

The battlecard tool provided sales representatives with point-by-point comparisons and benchmarking opportunities with competitors’ offerings, giving them the ability to effectively counteract any misconceptions. 

The salespeople could now utilize the insights for real-time decision-making during customer interactions. They could instantly debunk any misconceptions about their offerings and display differentiation over competitors.  

Combining business intelligence with human understanding, Valona delivered clear-cut insights and guiding strategies for the company.  

The impact:

Within the first month of usage, the company secured a deal worth $1M, an instant demonstration of our solution’s effectiveness. With the Valona battlecard functionality, the salesperson could accurately point out the unique selling points, to clear any misunderstandings about their offerings, and to highlight their superiority to the competition, and to present an unparalleled offering. 

As a result, the company realized the power of well-directed AI-driven insights. The immediate economic Impact was a deal of $1M that proved the power of Valona’s market insights solution.

Valona’s AI-driven platform provided our client the tools and confidence needed to leverage business intelligence, counteract misconceptions, and outperform in a competitive environment. The high-quality insights delivered by Valona drove clear pathways to growth, ultimately leading to a significant financial impact for this Fortune 250 financial services company. 

As a result, the company realized the power of well-directed AI-driven insights. The immediate economic Impact was a whopping deal of $1M that reverberated the power of Valona’s hybrid intelligence platform.

Financial Services Company Valona customer success stories

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