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Valona introduces Val, the new AI Research Assistant.

Valona Introduces AI Research Assistant

Valona introduces AI assistant that redefines Market and Competitive Insights Research.

Valona, a global forerunner of competitive and market intelligence solutions, introduces its AI research assistant, named Val.

The new AI assistant will enable Valona’s customers to understand complex markets with increased confidence and minimal blind spots. 

Val proves to be groundbreaking in its speed and relevancy for Valona’s customers: it mines through vast amounts of data, delivering executive summaries in English from sources in any language.  Its ability to grasp industry-specific details from any region provides a clear, global view, turning chaos into clarity.

“This sets a new benchmark for businesses to act on market and competitive intelligence.”

Kimmo havu, CEO

Users gain unrestricted access to global and regional industry insights. This means being able to identify and act on trends, competition, threats, and opportunities as they emerge. With the new AI research assistant, users can concentrate on what truly matters: understanding insights and making decisions.

“Val uses AI to sort through huge amounts of worldwide data and find what’s important,” says CEO, Kimmo Havu. “Think about a company aiming for a new market. Their challenge is to make sense of the market’s attractiveness and find key information in the sea of data out there. That’s where our solution comes in—turning this ocean of information into a concise analysis that combines global trends with local insights.”

Val will help users spot trends, mitigate risks, and devise truly insight-driven strategies with a global perspective. The tool synthesizes sources efficiently, reducing the burden of information gathering.

“Building on two decades of AI training with business-relevant data and expert analyst input, we’re now taking our top-tier AI summarization tool to new heights with Val,” shares Havu. “This AI Research Assistant sets a new benchmark for businesses to act on market and competitive intelligence.”

Stemming from an AI model trained on 20 million multi-language data points, the new tool greatly helps businesses with strategy formation, decision-making, and impact delivery. No empty promises here; Val brings better insights and decisions to the horizon.

About Valona Intelligence

Valona Intelligence is the only all-in-one solution for market and competitive intelligence. We provide insights that matter for decisions that matter with the tools you need to successfully integrate top-tier Competitive and Market Intelligence within your organization. Formerly known as M-Brain *, Valona has been the recognised market leader since 1999. Valona combines the power of generative AI and analyst expertise and provides businesses with the most crucial insights to enable impactful business decisions.

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