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Real-time business insights in seconds

Gain access to relevant AI-summarized business insights on your industry and competitors — from over 200,000+ sources.

Insights on  industries and competitors

Can you trust your AI market intelligence co-pilot?

There’s a time and a place for luck, and that’s not when you have the insights to make high-stakes strategic decisions. You should have peace of mind when trusting an AI market intelligence tool to guide your decision-making.

Pull from local news – before it’s even news

With Valona market intelligence tools you can get insider insights on your industry and competitors from foreign target markets – before it even makes it to the media in English. That’s the power of Valona’s unique AI.

Our machines were taught with 20+ million analyst-written summaries to write Business Summaries from over 200,000+ sources, including paywalled media. Each summary includes the link to the original source, so you’ll know exactly where to do the digging.

It starts behind the scenes

Valona AI capabilities bring proven, measurable advantages to our customers due to an exceptional training model. For more than 20 years, our analysts have gone through more than 20+ million articles, pulling out the highlights by hand. Technological progress has now allowed us to take this a step further and harness all that hard work to scale your business up.

Random snippets and extracts are a thing of the past

Valona’s business summaries are natural language-generated synopses of the main points of the most relevant articles.

Links to the original sources

That possibility of a single click makes a major difference when you want to secure your teams from fake news and do a deep dive into subjects that matter the most.

Superior AI capabilities and exceptional business summaries

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Global source coverage platform product - Valona Intelligence

Reach your goals, regardless of industry

Search for market trends by sector, region, or content category. Bring together news and business insights from a range of different industries – like automotive to financial services, and beyond. After being in market research and intelligence for over 20 years, we know what each industry values and how we can best serve those needs.

Business summaries help you develop a keener sense of evolving industry movements. Look out for the first signs of change and enable a true competitive edge.

Automated alerts product - capital expenditures - Valona Intelligence

Keep teams informed with automated business insights

Curated content feeds deliver business summaries to your doorstep in real-time. Tailor them according to keywords and themes for daily monitoring.

Personalize automated alerts for smaller groups of recipients or send out newsletters for larger audiences. Your teams need to stay on top of the competition as well, don’t they?

Reduce information overload and centralize data flows – get more focus time for the core insights that affect your business.

Innovative AI technology

Recognized globally

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Christian Boehm Market Intelligence Manager​ Karl Storz​

“We’re a global company and need news from around the world.”

“Valona’s AI tool summarizes the articles and gives us abstracts in English that are categorized and well presented.”

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Get precise business summaries trained on complex models

9 x

Absorb more in less time with Valona's abstracted insights versus regular data

100 +

Generative AI condenses global news from 100+ languages into precise English summaries

200 k

200 k Relevant business summaries distilled from 200K+ media sources, including those behind paywalls

So much more than summaries

Valona’s summaries are created using Natural Language Processing, a superior process to summarization. They’re:

  • AI-powered, analyst-quality

    from 200,000+ global, regional, and local sources

  • From local sources, to your language

    we’ve got you covered with languages from all over the world, so you don’t have to wait for the English media to take a stand

  • Automatically categorized

    according to themes and under informative subheadings

  • Updated in real time

    so you’re always getting the latest information

  • Visual dashboards

    for showcasing the latest news and comments around designated themes to exactly who they need to go to.

  • Embeddable

    to separate, targeted dashboards, automated alerts, or Newsletters

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