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Market Attractiveness Analysis

Identify opportunities before investing

Valona’s expert analysts and platform help you get a better understanding of potential target markets before you make any investments.

Identify and assess the potential for success within your target markets

Valona’s comprehensive market and competitive intelligence solutions empower you to identify, assess, and leverage potential opportunities within target markets. Through a robust mix of macroeconomic and industry-level data analysis, organizations can understand their market attractiveness and optimize performance.

Harness Valona’s market insights platform for real-time data curation and distribution within you organization. Additionally, Valona’s experienced research team provides deep-dive insights into markets, industries, and competitive landscapes, supporting strategic decision-making through agile project management approaches. Whether through Valona’s platform or engaging our research team, gain invaluable insights into competitors, customers, and key industry events, delivered as proprietary summaries or recurring monthly reports.

Valona market attractiveness studies cover:

✓ The addressable market size for future growth
✓ Your qualifying and most potential opportunities
✓ The supply chain and distribution opportunities and risks
✓ Customer behavior and perception analysis
✓ Political and regulatory environment
✓ Competitive analysis
✓ Market segmentation analysis
✓ A full market risk analysis

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Analyst services

Business success through insights-driven decisions

Leverage Valona’s experienced analyst team and AI tools for strategic decision-making across all organizational functions. Capitalize on extensive industry knowledge, methodological approaches, and wide-ranging expertise, backed by over two decades of practical market experience.

Analyst services
Platform product - customizable dashboard market data - Valona Intelligence
Valona platform

White-glove market insights to empower your business

Market size, growth rates, pricing trends, competition, and industry risk sculpt market attractiveness. With Valona, you obtain the necessary clarity and insights to effortlessly navigate these factors in any market landscape.

Intelligence platform
Global source coverage platform product - Valona Intelligence
Global data sources

Navigate market complexity with global insights

Valona’s proprietary database pulls from over 200,000 global data sources, providing local, regional, and global insights in over 100 languages. These translated English insights streamline continuous market analysis, empowering you to strategize more effectively.

Global source coverage

Nothing beats joining the winning team

Grow your opportunities and minimize risks with the brightest minds in market intelligence.

  • Market intelligence reports

    Work with a world class team of analysts to answer your most pressing concerns.

  • Forrester Wave report

    Learn what it means to be a Leader in competitive and market intelligence.

  • Valona Intelligence Community

    Join regular, thought-provoking discussions with an international network of peers.

Unlock your market potential

Streamline your resources and prioritize them for best returns.

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