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M-Brain Named A Leader in Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms  

“The company’s proprietary AI training models and global sources are exceptional “ 

“The company’s proprietary AI training models and global sources are exceptional

M-Brain, a leading global provider of competitive and market intelligence solutions, announced today that Forrester Research named it a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2023 report. Using a 24-criterion evaluation, Forrester gave M-Brain the highest ratings in the current offering and strategy categories among the 14 most significant global Market and Competitive Intelligence platform vendors. In addition to its generative AI capabilities and more than 200,000 available global data sources, which Forrester noted as “exceptional”. In Forrester’s report, M-Brain is also recognized for the only natural language query in the business, offering a unique solution only available to its customers. 

In this hyper-competitive global environment, companies have a critical need for accurate, real-time, and easily accessible intelligence to help make better, more insightful decisions. This means adopting intelligence tools that offer unprecedented scope, flawless accuracy, and an accessible and easy-to-use interface. M-Brain, with its global delivery capability, superior ease-of-use features, and unequalled AI platform, has continued to bring trustworthy AI solutions to market, setting the groundwork for its users’ success.  

“Our AI capabilities pull from 20 years of human created content, including over 20 million analyst-written business summaries from exclusive data sets and global, industry relevant data sources, allowing for a solution that delivers accurate market and competitive insights and is nearly impossible to replicate,” said Kimmo Havu, CEO of Valona Intelligence. “With our demonstrated history of success, our customers are reaping the business impact competitive research promises – without the need for time-consuming manual analysis or the uncertainty associated with less trustworthy AI solutions.” 

Forrester leader in market and competitive intelligence platforms 2023
Forrester leader in market and competitive intelligence platforms 2023

Despite its current offering, Valona continues to analyze and refine its platform capabilities. As Forrester states in the report, “Valona has sharpened its vision and strategy with a refined focus on target industries and regions, a revamped user interface, and updated packaging that includes value-added services for the enterprise-grade offering. Its robust product roadmap is built out through 2024 and focuses on its state-of-the art AI engine, chat, visualizations, and integrations.” 

“It’s an honor to be recognized as a leader by Forrester in their market and competitive intelligence evaluation,” said Havu. “And we’re not standing still. What we have recently developed will help customers save time and yet be more confident about having the right insights available across every level of the organization. We’re setting a new standard for businesses to expect in the future, allowing users to achieve more and make continuous impactful, strategic decisions.”  

“Forrester’s evaluation of our offering as a leader is all thanks to the humans that make up Valona’s customer base and the team that’s been laser-focused on putting them first,” he concludes.  

“The ‘human’ element is not an afterthought for us, it’s an integral part of everything we do,” said Havu.

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About Valona Intelligence 

Valona, formerly known as M-Brain, is the leading global provider of competitive and market intelligence solutions and services. Over 500 organizations are supported by Valona’s team of more than 200 experts in the intelligence field. Valona helps clients stay up-to-date and organized on market trends, industry insights, and reporting. The company filters, analyzes, and packages information in an easy-to-understand format, all at scale. Valona combines best-in-class AI with expert human analysts to deliver actionable, reliable insights to more than 250,000 business users worldwide.

Providing media services since 1999, M-Brain has global delivery capabilities across 12 offices in Europe, the Americas, and Asia and is uniquely capable of serving global enterprises with far-reaching operations.  Companies like Goodyear, Bosch, Philips and Cintas have trusted M-Brain as their market intelligence solution, service and content provider. For more information, visit  

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