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How to Close More Deals with Competitive Insights

Join the conversation: Learn how to amplify your sales strategy with market intelligence at this upcoming virtual roundtable.

Event details

This event starts at 8:00 in your time zone (New_York)

29 August 2024


Explore the transformative role market intelligence plays in driving sales growth

This unique session brings together thought leaders from diverse fields, offering comprehensive insights into leveraging market intelligence as an effective tool for competitive advantage.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how market intelligence can optimise your sales process and shorten sales cycles.
  • Learn the best practices in applying CRM systems and sales automation tools to supercharge your sales strategy.
  • Gain diverse perspectives from sales professionals, C-level stakeholders, and intelligence experts on utilizing market intelligence in your organization.

Event agenda

8:00 EDT I Welcome

”How to Close More Deals with Competitive and Market Intelligence”

8:02 I Intro by the session host Alex Cavanagh, Research Consultant, Valona Intelligence

8:05 I Presentation:

”Typical Pain-points for Sales Teams” , Bharat Madan, Global Director of Pre-Sales, Valona Intelligence

8:20 I Presentation:

“Intelligence Pain-Relievers, and Cures that Boost Sales”, Anne Durchman, Head of Customer Success, Valona Intelligence

8:40 Presentation:

“Your Sales Team Needs Unique Insights”, Van Tran, Consulting Manager, Valona Intelligence

9:00 I Break ​

Community Members who wish to continue to interactive roundtable discussion will be directed to virtual breakout rooms.

9:05 I Facilitated roundtable begins

9:50 I Wrap-up

10:00 I Session ends

Meet the speakers

Speaker Alex Cavanagh

Alex Cavanagh

Research consultant, Valona Intelligence

Speaker Bharat Madan

Bharat Madan

Global Director Pre-Sales, Valona Intelligence

Speaker Anne Durchman

Anne Durchman

Head of Customer Success, Valona Intelligence

Speaker Van Tran

Van Tran

Consulting Manager, Valona Intelligence