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How to Use Market Insights and Battlecards to Accelerate Growth

Explore the challenges and solutions for maintaining sustainable growth by uncovering emerging opportunities, spotting trends, and addressing unmet needs in globally dispersed industries.

Event details

This event starts at 8:00 in your time zone (New_York)

21 November 2024


Propel your business forward with the power of market insights and battlecards

Throughout this webinar, you’ll gain practical knowledge from industry experts on how to effectively use market insights and battlecards to identify opportunities, outsmart competition, and drive business expansion.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how to leverage market insights to identify growth opportunities and trends.
  • Learn how to use battlecards as a competitive tool to outperform your competition.
  • Get practical tips to integrate market insights and battlecards into your growth strategy.

Event agenda

8:00 EDTI Welcome & Introduction

8:05 I Presentation:

“How do Manufacturing Companies Use Market Intelligence to Drive Growth? Findings based on Global Intelligence Survey”, Carsten Gayer, VP Europe, Valona Intelligence

8:20 I Presentation:

“Tips & Tricks of Utilizing Battlecards for Growth“, Ieva Fogele, Research Consultant, Valona Intelligence

8:40 I Presentation: TBA

8:55 I Q&A

9:00 I Break ​

Community Members who wish to continue to interactive roundtable discussion will be directed to virtual breakout rooms.

9:05 I Facilitated roundtable begins

9:50 I Wrapup & session ends

Meet the speakers

Carsten Gayer

VP Europe, Valona Intelligence

Ieva Fogele

Research consultant, Valona Intelligence